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Samsung Smart Dock turns your smartphone into a desktop


We already know that Android is on the path to taking over desktops and laptops, and this new Smart Dock accessory from Samsung proves that point. The Galaxy Smart Dock allows your phone to provide a desktop experience by connecting an HD monitor, external storage device, and USB keyboard and mouse.

The $99 dock features three USB ports, one HDMI port, and 3.5 mm stereo out. This specific dock was designed for the Galaxy Note II, but it appears to also work with the Galaxy S III. We just got a couple Galaxy Note IIs in house to play around with, so we will be sure to pick up this dock and let you know how it performs.

As cool as this dock is, the latest smartphones running Android 4.2 should be able to connect to most devices without wires. The Nexus 4 for example rest on its wireless charging station, send video to a Miracast-enabled┬ádisplay, and connect to a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. This concept has been around awhile, but we are finally approaching the point where an Android phone is “good enough” for basic desktop computing.

Are you ready for your phone to replace your desktop computer?

Source: Samsung

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