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Video: Android 4.2 to feature second pull down panel with quick settings


Now that Android 4.1.2 has hit the air and revealed itself to be a rather lackluster release, you’re probably already wondering what Android 4.2 will bring to the table. We’ve taken a look at some of the changes coming to the Gmail app expected to be introduced with Android 4.2. Today, we get a look at how Google may be implementing a new quick settings pull down panel into the status bar.

Ron Amadeo of Android Police has his hands on a full Android 4.2 JellyBeanMR1 system dump from the LG Nexus and is slowly but surely tearing it apart, looking for changes over the current Jelly Bean builds available today. LG Nexus prototypes have been spotted several times in the last week running Android 4.1.2. Apparently, this 4.2 build is very experimental and more than a little broken. But that hasn’t stopped the discovery of new features.

Found in the Systemui.apk file, the file that draws the notification bar, Google is using a place holder image for where they plan to insert a quick settings panel as a second pull down window from the status bar. In Android 4.2, you’ll be able to pull down from the status bar once to reveal the notification panel, and pull down again (with the notification panel still open) to reveal a quick settings panel. We’re not quite sure exactly what Google will put in the quick settings panel, but things like a wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, brightness and vibrate toggle are all good bets. To get an idea on just how a second pull down panel will work, check out the video below.

The video also reveals a couple other changes coming to the status bar and notification panel. It would appear that the status bar doesn’t disappear when you pull down the notification panel like it does in Android 4.1.2, and it also doesn’t go all the way down to the bottom of the screen. Whether or not these will both remain present when Android 4.2 launches is anyone’s guess. They could very well be bugs that need to be ironed out before a final release.

We should be seeing a lot more from this Android 4.2 system dump as the week rolls on. For now, what do you think of a second pull down quick settings panel? Do you like how manufacturers like Samsung have implemented a quick settings bar above the notification area better? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Android Police

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