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Nexus 4 once again shows it front side and back side


We have already seen the Nexus 4 from every conceivable angle and we know most of its specs, but we still have 10 days of waiting before Google announces the device on October 29th. The leaks are still flowing in, but it’s mostly a rehash of things we have known for the past month. Today a pair of new pics surfaced with details that confirmed the device will feature a 2100 mAh battery.

First we had our favorite leaker @evleaks post a shot of the front of the device, then Alex Dobie of Android Central shared a shot of the device with the back cover removed. The battery was not meant to be user replaceable, but someone was able to pop off the back plate by removing the screws at the bottom.

These are not exactly the most exciting photos, but at least we know the battery capacity of the devices in testing. We would love to see a MAXX-sized battery in the 3000+ mAh territory, but maybe Google has a few tricks in Android 4.2 to extend the battery life. Nothing is really final until Google makes their announcement, so things are always subject to change.

Go ahead and call me a Nexus fanboy, because I’m going to buy this device no matter what’s on the inside.

Via: Android Central

Source: @evleaks

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