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Could Google still announce the Nexus 10 this month?


Several industry analysts believe Google and Samsung are working on a Nexus 10 tablet, but there have been conflicting reports about when the device will be unveiled. Some think it will come this year and others are pointing at the first half of next year. According to some recently leaked pictures, the device is already in testing, which could be a hint that a release is coming soon.

Keep in mind these things can be easily faked, but a Google employee and Samsung employee have both uploaded pictures to Picassa that were taken by a device called “Nexus 10.” We could totally be getting trolled, but why would employees of both companies involved with this rumored device both upload photos?

The Nexus 10 is rumored to include a 2,560 x 1,600 display and Samsung’s Exynos 5 (ARM Cortex-A15) processor. We speculated that production issues with either of these components might have delayed the release of this tablet, but Samsung just announced a new Chromebook that features their Exynos 5 chip.

High-end Android tablets haven’t exactly sold that well, so Google and Samsung will have to really impress us with something new if they want people to rush out and buy a $500 tablet. Google is expected to release Android 4.2 later this month, so maybe there will be some new featured geared towards tablet users.

If Google were to announce the rumored Nexus 10 this year, they would have to do it at the Android event they have planned for October 29th. We are headed to New York to check out Google’s big press event, so it won’t be long before we find out what they have been up to.

What do you think about the odds of Google announcing the Nexus 10? Are you in the mood to purchase a high-end Android tablet?

Thank you Brandon for the tip.

Source: Picasa

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