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4G LTE with no contracts coming soon to Sprint brands


Early this year Sprint revealed that they would eventually bring 4G LTE to their pre-paid brands, and now it appears the launch is imminent. A trusted source sent us a picture of a Boost Mobile poster that advertises 4G LTE, and we were told the service is also coming to Virgin Mobile. Both Boost and Virgin currently offer 4G WiMAX service, but 4G LTE will offer a more reliable connection and much faster speeds.

Boost and Virgin already offer no-contract, “unlimited” plans with prices ranging from $35-55, so we would expect something similar for their 4G LTE plans. MetroPCS currently offers pre-paid 4G LTE service with plans starting at $40, and we expect Sprint’s brands to be competitive.

Sprint has one of the smallest 4G LTE networks, but they plan to add over 100 new markets in the coming months. Sprint has announced more than 125 cities where Sprint 4G LTE is on its way, including Boston; Charlotte, N.C.; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tenn.; Miami; Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans; New York; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C. To find out more about which markets currently have Sprint 4G LTE and which markets are coming next, please visit

We love to see more carriers offer pre-paid 4G LTE service, but it will be nice when they support unlocked devices. If you are going to roll with Boost or Virgin, then you will have to purchase a locked phone from them. They normally carry older Sprint phones, so just look at Sprint’s current 4G LTE device lineup for an idea of what’s coming to Boost and Virgin.

How many of you are interested in pre-paid 4G LTE service?

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