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Consumer Reports ranks AT&T worst, Verizon best, carriers in the US

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Consumer Report’s annual carrier assessment has just been released, detailing the best, and worst, of cellular carriers in the US.

This year’s report isn’t likely to surprise anyone; it’s right in line with how things have been playing out for several years now. AT&T was ranked as the worst carrier in the US as far as voice, data and text quality are concerned. Ma Bell did manage to take first place when it comes to LTE networks, but Verizon took the overall top spot as the best carrier in the US.

Sprint and T-Mobile both found their spot right around the low-end of the quality spectrum.

As with most reports like this, personal experience makes up a huge part of the equation. Here in mid-Michigan, all four national carriers and even some regional carriers offer great service. What about your area? Does Verizon reign supreme, or has a different carrier taken the top spot in your book?

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Source: Consumer Reports

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