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Google TV update adds voice control, PrimeTime guide, and new YouTube sync


One month ago a video teaser of Google TV v3 leaked out, and today Google is pushing out the update to LG devices. The new release includes voice actions, an updated guide called PrimeTime, and a new YouTube app that automatically syncs with your phone. Owners of the LG Smart TV (G2 Series) will see the update this week, and owners of second-gen Google TV devices should see it in the “coming months.”

First generation devices, like the Logitech Revue, will see the updates to PrimeTime and YouTube, but they will not get voice search. I own a Revue (now junk) and a Vizio Co-Star ($99 Buddy box), so I’ll report back on the experience once it becomes available.

It’s nice to see Google release an update for Google TV, because they have mostly ignored it for the last year. Google recently tried to sell us the failed Nexus Q for our living rooms, which completely lacked Google TV functionality. We don’t know if that device will ever return, but most Google TV hardware is underpowered. We applaud Vizio for releasing a $99 box, but someone needs to release a premium device.

This update is a step in the right direction, but Google TV devices still lack support for Miracast wireless display and the Google TV Remote app hasn’t been updated in two years.

If you have the LG Smart TV, let us know if you see the update.

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