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Cutesy cartoon lends credibility to Android Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie evolution Image via: Manu Cornet with Creative Commons

Key Lime Pie has been generally accepted as the name for the next big Android update, likely due out this summer. But we’ve yet to see any official confirmation of the name. The comic that’s popping up everywhere today is certainly not the official confirmation we’re waiting for, but since it was drawn by a Googler and posted to his Google+ profile, it does have our attention.

Google’s dessert-themed code names for Android have really taken off. More often than not, the general public, or least the folks I encounter on a regular basis, refer to Android versions by their dessert name instead of their designated software version number. Over the last few years, there’s been a growing hunger to know just what Google will name the next dessert, or update, once it finally sees the light of day.

Googler and cartoonist Manu Cornet has drawn the evolution of Bugdroid for his website, titled “Robot Evolution,” that shows Android’s mascot going from hunched-over, unhappy, and eating a cupcake, to tall, proud, happy and eating a big slice of key lime pie.

At this point, even if Google was originally planning on going with some other “K” dessert for the next update, they’d be foolish to throw away the free press and mind-share Key Lime Pie already owns. So, again, while this still isn’t an official confirmation, it’s just about good enough for me.

With how long it usually takes major software, like a dessert-named Android update to complete, we should start hearing rumors and whispers about Key Lime Pie any time now. By then, we might even have a rumored “L” dessert to look forward to as well.

Via: Google+

Source: Bonkers World

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