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Day 12 is live and that means another chance to win an awesome device in the 25 Days of Tegra. We’ve paired with our friends over at @NVIDIATegra to bring you a full month of giveaways and challenges, and things are starting to heat up. To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 5 or higher.

The Prize: Fuhu Nabi 2

The Fuhu Nabi 2 is the perfect Android tablet made for children. The Nabi 2 features over 500, mom-selected, kid-approved apps, 700 hours of kid-safe entertainment, and over 9,000 kid-friendly albums of the songs they know and love.

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

For today’s challenge, your And Me Account will need a rank of 5 or higher. Our user system runs on reputation, which you can score from leaving comments, starting threads, getting upvotes, etc. As we move along, some challenges will be specifically for folks with high ranks. If you want to keep up, try to build some reputation around the site. If your rank is high enough, you’ll see a comment form below. Use it. Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Winner Announced (coming soon)

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  1. My poor 7yr old son has been exposed to iOS for too long. Pick me and I can remedy that. LOL hes been using an old hand me down iPad, but Id much rather he be running a droid….. maybe we could even let his 2nd grade class use it for the year… So many possibilities……….

    • Traveling with my children would be so much easier with this thing.

    • Why not trade your iPad for an Android Tablet?

      • Its had a rough life. My son smashed the screen on it once and I replaced it and didnt seal it back well and it has some dust and gunk under the glass now, its just out to pasture with my son now. I already have an XyBoard a Galaxy Tab 7″ and an ASUS Transformer Infinity on the way so I am far from hurting on Tablets. The first two are work tabs BTW Im lucky enough to work as the Tech Optimization Manager for my company and my main duties are support and R&D for all of our android devices(700+).

  2. Must be this tall to play with this tablet. Pun intended :)

  3. My kids would love this!

  4. Bet u cant hit me with a Fuhu Nabi 2 android tablet. O-o

  5. Hey! I’m five or higher!! Pick me!

  6. Looks can be deceiving

  7. Let’s hope my kid will forget my tablet for this … :)

  8. My grand daughter would love one.

  9. Do we get to choose the color!

  10. Awesome I could give it to my little bro for christmas

  11. dont have kids, but could tinker i guess haha

  12. I don’t really want this, but that doesn’t really matter.

  13. for me? you shouldn’t have.

  14. This would be a great gift for one of my nephews. I have heard/read wonderful things about the nabi tablet in the realm of child specific tablet environments.

    • I have actually never heard of them before. After watching the YouTube video my daughters would love this thing. And I would love for them to have it.

  15. I could give this to my niece.

  16. gf wants this so bad for her son.. pick me pls!

  17. It wouldbe a great present for my grandaughter:)

  18. This is nice for younger kids

  19. Aw, your first sentence didn’t rhyme this time! Getting lazy?! ;). Oh, also, this is my entry.

  20. This looks interesting, count me in.

  21. The next person my age who has kids gets this tablet instead of that ‘Go the **** to sleep’ book.

  22. I can think of a nephew who would like this, maybe.

  23. My daughter would love this. she has pretty much outgrown her innotab.

  24. Nice device. Will be able I to win?

    • If you can enter,
      then it will be possible
      for you to win this.

      Sorry, I’m stuck in haiku mode.

      BTW, on the chance that this becomes the winning entry, please draw again and chose someone else. My youngest child is 30 and I have no grandkids.

  25. This would be the tablet I win.

  26. this would be great for my nieces

  27. Thumb upThumb down
    Shops full of people,
    Christmas is near,
    Money is tight,
    Is that a free prize I hear?

    I enter with a smile,
    I enter with hope,
    But I never get picked,
    I just can’t cope!

    Merry christmas guys!


  28. ok how do you make it an adult only tab?

  29. Kinda surprised we didn’t stick with the same number 12 theme of the today. 12-12-12 12th giveaway. Why not a corroborating prize and account level for fun?

  30. It’s a holiday miracle!

  31. I remember when I couldn’t enter the ‘rank 3′ contest just last week. Now look at me, mommy, I’m all grown up!

  32. Yeah! I am in. Good luck to everybody and wish you a good holiday!

  33. My daughter would love this! (Assuming they have mickey mouse)

  34. Love the comment eariler about saving a child from iOS. LOL

  35. This would be great for my daughter.

  36. I suppose this is good

  37. Happy.Today I rank up to 40 due to my active participation. Now eligible for this today’s contest.

  38. This would be a great gift for my nieces! Fun name.

  39. the voices in my head do not understand the rules.

  40. Yeah!! A powerful kids present, love the tegra love! :D

    • This would be an awesome kids present. The only problem would be my children have a better tablet than I do. hopefully, they won’t mind sharing with me if I win.

  41. This would make such a great gift!

  42. This is a sweet tablet for kids

  43. Love to win this for one of the littles in my life.

  44. would love to give this to my niece for christmas

  45. Wow, I just jumped up to a ranking of 6. Must have been my awesome Haiku from yesterday ;-)

    Anyhow, I have a little one who would be in heaven with this.

  46. My child’s first tablet.

  47. Oh Yeah bby..!!! This ones mine..!!! Make me that random guy who gets selected.!!!

  48. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
    MeRrY ChRiStMaS To aLL

  49. Have your selves a Merry little Christmas

  50. This will make an excellent gift for my nephew!

  51. Besides the haiku, none of these requirements are very “challenging”. Thanks Taylor. Good luck everyone :P

  52. Im basically a big kid so im cool with this.

  53. Yes, please. My 6 year old nephew would love this…and would love me forever!

  54. Perfect present for my little cousin!

  55. My little girl would LOVE this!

  56. Hey, I know just who to give it to.

  57. My boys may not even be 2 yet but they already love playing games on my phone and mom’s ipad. This would be nice for them to have something we don’t have to worry about them hiding from us. Found the wife’s ipad last night in an unused drawer, didn’t even know the stinker had taken it.

  58. yikes. i barely qualify for this one haha

  59. I am so ready to win something….

  60. Latest and greatest! Good luck everybody!


  61. Well, my, I do have a little nephew, and here comes Christmas!

  62. Hmm not sure what id do with this if i won it.. But id still like to win it :D Maybe give it to one of my young cousins are something for Christmas.

  63. This is great for little ones. But honestly hope one of you win it.

  64. Can I still watch porn on it?

  65. Ha, what a cool little tablet.

  66. Kid tablet shmid tablet. Gimme!

  67. I got some nephews that would love this!

  68. I kids will love it.

  69. Looks like a fun tablet for kids.

  70. Yes, although my rank is low it is good enough! Yay!!!

  71. Yes, I want one! Plus plus plus!

  72. It’d be nice to win this just so I can get my own tablet back.

  73. Yay! I want it for my sister!

  74. We just got a couple of these for our kids, but I’d like one to root for myself!

  75. Never heard of a Fuhu Nabi 2, but it looks cool, especially for kids.

  76. I will put money down my three little ingrates could bust this thing in a week.

  77. would love to win one of these.

  78. Interesting. I have at least 5….hopefully this doesn’t start jumping to 50 ranks soon…?

  79. Please and Thank You

  80. Never heard of it but i am sure my siblings would love it!

  81. This would be great for my twin grandchildren!

  82. Sweet, I would love to give this to my little sister.

  83. This would be a great gift the the little one!

  84. My stepsisters would love this

  85. This would be an awesome gift :)

  86. Merry Xmas to someone’s child that I would gift this to…

  87. Entered! fingers crossed

  88. a kid is going to be real happy soon

  89. My Brother’s Kid Really really need it , plz Android and me don’t made him disappointed :(

  90. it looks strong. maybe it could survive the wife…

  91. I’ve got a kid cousin that would like this, count me in!

  92. What a cool tablet!

  93. I got cheated off the lvl 3 contest…. maybe ill win this one instead teach my nephew something about android while im at it

  94. I’d give this to one of my nieces or nephews since I don’t have kids.

  95. Looking for some new toys to play with. Thanks Android and me.

  96. My little spoiled bastard will love this.

  97. Here we go again! Good luck everyone!

  98. you guys are killing it this year with the giveaways

  99. This would be great for my daughter who has slow learning abilities. Might look into this even if I dont win.

  100. Come to daddy. Daddy needs a new droid device.

  101. Time for Tegra 4 not 3

  102. 12 Drummers drumming and a tablet under my tree *

  103. I couldn’t find the post on the Tegra Contest page… Was I the only one?

  104. My nieces need to get away from the ipad they have!!!! Please save them!

  105. These are great for kids, I gave one to my nephew last year. I’d love one for my son this year…I think he’s ready for his own tablet…and this would be the best fit

  106. If I win, I’ll gift it to my 4 year cousin, who always keeps taking my phone and tablet and starts playing Angry Birds on it. :(

  107. hell yeah baby!! I have that. :)

  108. Season’s Greetings!

  109. Awesome I almost bought one of these!

  110. The bar has not been set very high….yet. Looks like as we get closer to Christmas the standard is gonna be getting a lot higher.

  111. o man, Day 12, just got my 12 rank today, and its 12-12-12……I’ve never felt so mayan

  112. Nabi seems to be one of the very few budget tablet maker that have a good rep. what do i mean? have yet to see a contest to win a Coby or Sylvania tablet.

  113. I really like this Nabi it looks be sweet and drop safe is ALWAYs good with me lol

  114. My son would love this!

  115. Perfect for my little brothers birthday! (Its today – 12/12/12)

  116. After looking at the different opions out there, this has to be the best tablet for kids out there. This would be an awesome prize.

  117. This tablet is perfect for my kids.

  118. wow I never heard of this one, awesome!

  119. My kids would love this!

  120. My kid would love this!

  121. *Day 12 is live and full of Allegra, that means another chance to win an awesome device in the 25 Days of Tegra.*

    Fixed it so it rhymes.

    Plus, this my entry.

  122. Kids will love this one me thinks…

  123. Say that name 3 times fast!… I dare you!

  124. Barely squeaking in to this one

  125. Look’s neat! Pick me!

  126. 5 really is not that high at all.. lol

  127. Five? Wow. Just made it.

  128. please I want to win, I have never won anything in my life lol , only a coffee thermos

  129. My daughter would love to have one of these!

  130. Sounds like a kung-fu move

  131. Sweet. My kiddos would love to have this and it means my wife would get her tablet back!

  132. Fantasic product for my kids use.

  133. Thanks to make me enjoy my studing with hope of getting a gift^^

  134. I like this tablet. Perfect for my nephew

  135. If I do get it, I’m gonna root it.

  136. Day 12, my reputation point is also 12, and on 12-12-12. What a incident!!

  137. nice kids tablet! have no kids myself, so dont pick me :)

  138. Competition is starting to heat up! Excellent startegy.

  139. That would be a great gift for my niece.

  140. ooo, I can post, i guess that means I’m level 5 now

  141. Looks like I just scrape thorough

  142. i love sashimiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  143. I can honestly say that I want this one to give away to somebody else :)

  144. Hoo-boy, my little 5 year old would LOVE this!!

  145. Interesting. I can buy one less present for my little cousin, if I win.

  146. My niece and nephew will love this!

  147. There are kids in the family & they would love it!

  148. I really could use one. :)

  149. This is a strange tegra.
    But tegra is tegra.

  150. Never heard of it before but it looks awesome for my kids

  151. This could stop me from sharing my phone with my 15 month old!

  152. The cat in the hat sat on the mat

  153. Did you know the A/C is on and you left the window open??

  154. Phew just made it. Fingers and toes crossed 4 this one. Just right for my twin girls.

  155. I act like a kid so this is perfect for me.

  156. i have nieces and nephews who will love this

  157. My kids would love this and I would love for android and me to be Santa … BOOM

  158. Wow, if I gave this to my toddler, I might get my tablet back. =)

  159. I has children. I’d gladly trade one of them for a tablet. Still no takers… (Parents, you get this.)

  160. Let kids enter the Android world!

  161. i know someone this would make a great gift for!!

  162. FUHU NABI?!
    Funny name for a tablet that could replace the kids’ nanny! :P
    Something like…
    FU** HU NAnny taBI!!! ;) loool

  163. Would love to give this to my mate’s sister’s kid :)

  164. This would be great for me little bro!

  165. This Fuhu Nabi 2 would make a nice gift

  166. YAY! Merry christmas!

  167. This tablet is pretty cool…im logged in and ready to go!!!

  168. I must have enough posts… maybe I can win…

  169. Parental controls…oh, yes!

  170. I think my boy would dig on some of this…

  171. Such a cute little device! lol

  172. Lol the kids safe device!

  173. well, at least my odds are way better than the lottery!

  174. Groovy. Count me in. I know a family with kids that this would make an awesome gift for.

  175. Please count me in for this! Thanks!

  176. Different and interesting!

  177. Let’s see what i can get

  178. Nice gift to my girlfriend’s sister!


  179. This looks pretty neat. I’m sure the kids would love it.

  180. I’m in.

    Thanks Android and Me!

  181. This is a great gift for my niece.

  182. ill take it!! :) give me give me but let the guy below me win it :)

  183. Hmmm I want to give this thing a run.

  184. Wonder when the winners are going to be announced?

  185. I don’t need one haha but my little cousin probably would love it

  186. 5 or higher thats me :D

  187. ooo looks nice :) my cousin can totally use this tablet

  188. Would be an awesome christmas present for the kids

  189. Just made it. Yay! No, seriously, you guys, yay.

  190. well, at least I have a chance

  191. thanks for the giveaway.

  192. This would be perfect for my niece and nephew. Thanks for the opportunity to win and good luck to all.

  193. Perfect gift for my Niece!

  194. I’ve never seen one of these in person, but I won’t say no to a holiday prize!

  195. Gotta nab me that Nab!

  196. the little geek of the family would love this…I mean I would let him use it once in a while. good luck geeks.

  197. This would work well for my kids!

  198. This would make a great gift for my niece.

  199. This is going to be a nice gift to my new born… :-D

  200. Little sister would love this

  201. I’d really like to win this for my birthday. That, or obviously Christmas. :)

  202. Have to decided which grandchild will get it if I win it?

  203. I’m in there like swimwear.

  204. Wow…just watch the video…wish they had these when I was a kid

  205. I love how promising this is!
    Mommy mode!

    nice business model.
    Pick me, pick me!
    I’d totally gift this to my little ones for Christmas!

  206. My daughter would go crazy over just the thought of having her own tablet