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Day 16 is here and that means another chance to win an awesome device in the 25 Days of Tegra. We’ve paired with our friends over at @NVIDIATegra to bring you a full month of giveaways and challenges, and things are starting to heat up. To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 15 or higher.

The Prize: HTC One X

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

For today’s challenge, your And Me Account will need a rank of 15 or higher. Our user system runs on reputation, which you can score from leaving comments, starting threads, getting upvotes, etc. As we move along, some challenges will be specifically for folks with high ranks. If you want to keep up, try to build some reputation around the site. If your rank is high enough, you’ll see a comment form below. Use it. Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Winner (coming soon)

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  1. Pools are great for holding water.

  2. water is great for filling pools.

  3. Lets Get it! LEGGO~!!

  4. Today can’t get any better, I get to watch the 49ers win and I get to win a HTC One X. Thank you so much.

  5. Very nice. thank you.

  6. This would def be great for anyone, and to all GL on a chance to get one of these! I am so happy to be almost done with finals that this is a fun lil thing to get into for the month!

  7. Been wanting one of these since they came out but I’m on Verizon. If I win this I’ll be picking up a straight talk sim.

  8. Such a beautiful phone…

  9. Alright Alright Alriiggggghhhhtt!

  10. yes, please?
    Merry Christmas to me!

  11. I don’t understand my rank keeps getting lower. Or it hardly ever rises its like watching the stock market

  12. What do I do to win a Tegra?
    What have I got to do to be heard
    What do I do when LTE strikes me?
    What have I got to do
    What have I got to do
    When Tegra seems to be the Sweetest word!

    Android Elton AKA Dr.Carpy

    Merry Christmas folks!

  13. I want this too badly. C’mon…i never win anything.

  14. I can’t believe I missed yesterdays content and I almost missed today’s.

  15. I need a new phone!

  16. Thanks a million AAM!

  17. I’ve always loved HTC.

  18. Thanks for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  19. I barely arrived, good luck everyone and Merry Christmas!

  20. Ohhhh! Here i am!! (8)

    I just saw “One X” and i was like “Why I’m not commenting in that post yet?” so, here i am

  21. Count me in. One of my favorite devices ever. Cant wait for the sequel

  22. My girlfriend could sure use a smartphone! Thanks for another great contest!

  23. Count me in, please don’t count me out. :-)

  24. The one phone to rule them all ! or the reason why i can kiss metro pcs goodbye and get a prepaid to go with this phone

  25. i’d love me a One X

  26. One X was the rebirth of HTC as a legitimate brand. Put me down for one!

  27. This will be a nice upgrade from my Sensation. Good luck to all!

  28. thanks nvidia and AaM for this competition during the holiday season!

  29. The only One series I would consider owning. Count me in… hehe

  30. Owned the HTC Incredible, currently using a Motorola, but would love to go back to HTC

  31. An awesome phone with an awesome camera! :D

  32. OMG, yes please and thank you!!!! ;)

  33. oh man what a prize!!! FINGERS CROSSED!! >__< good luck everyone!!!

  34. International, does that mean it actually has jelly bean?

  35. Will it ship with Jelly Bean? I hope so??

  36. Pretty soon I won’t be able to comment so I have to pay while I can. :)

  37. I would LOVE to get one of my palms on one of these babies…Love HTC!!!

  38. Wow I could really use this please

  39. AAaaawww sweet bringing in the big boys. Thanks for everything Android and me!!

  40. Good giveaway, good luck everyone!

  41. Good luck to all! So cool to see all these new Android devices!

  42. I want me one of this :))

  43. My. my .. my reputation has improved substantially during this giveaway period!

  44. What will be the sequel to this device, the HTC One Two. Sounds like the next round will be personal!

  45. Great phone. I advised my sister to buy it when she was ready to leave her blackberry. She loves it. I could use one.

  46. Bless me with the HTC X one for android is good!

  47. This would be nice!

  48. Coming down the home stretch. 9 days left. Maybe I should start Christmas shopping soon.

  49. Still have crappy android this would be great thank you !

  50. Unlocked? That would be awesome. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  51. I’ve wanted this phone for the longest time. Even with the Nexus 4 out and (sorta) available, I would be set for a while with this phone.

  52. Nice! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  53. I really need a new phone, so please to letting me win.

  54. I fear this will be my last eligible contest

  55. Just made it under the wire on this one.

  56. Hell this is def one I want! Big HTC fan here!

  57. Thanks, Android and Me!

  58. Would love a One X…my OG EVO 4G is getting super slow

  59. I’ve wanted one of these since the first time I saw it… but still have 1yr left on contract with my (now very shabby looking) Galaxy S2… Q_Q
    Fingers crossed!

  60. Anything but my original SGS. ANYTHING!

  61. Oooo yes please! I would love this phone!

  62. YAY!!! I’ve always wanted this devices. Thanks

  63. this phone is awesome i want it!

  64. Whew. Barely made this one.

  65. Insert contest entry here.

  66. This one by far is the one I want the most.

  67. good luck everybody!! may the force be with you!

  68. WoW! ONE X! Good Luck everyone!

  69. Ill take one please!

  70. I hope its not too late to enter D:

  71. this phone is awesome

  72. it’s getting serious…come on HTC! Thanks A&Me

  73. Thanks for the points everyone and good luck all

  74. The day just keeps getting better and better. First this Day 16 Prize of the Unlocked HTC One X and now the weather gods are dumping snow on us here in Jackson. Aint Life Grand!!!

  75. This would be sweet to own!

  76. Now that is a beautiful phone!

  77. I wonder if multiple comments on this post are used to boost rating…

  78. That’s a good looking phone!

  79. Have the HTC One S and love it. Good luck to all.

  80. I have always thought this phone looked pretty awesome, and have liked HTC’s products since the Nexus One!

  81. And may the odds be ever in your favor…

  82. The winner is coming soon :/

  83. Now that’s a prize.

  84. This would be awesome!

  85. Can I get it in pink or fuchsia for my wife?

  86. HTC makes some nice phones to bad they don’t sell in numbers.

  87. thanks for a chance to win

  88. ah man i would LOVE to have this phone, this imo was the best smart phone of 2012 only topped by the DNA because of the resolution. anyways im really hoping this would be a great xmas present if i win lol

  89. hey guess my #’s are high enough…cool. Wifey needs a new phone.

  90. These devices are the best. Yay for Tegra!

  91. That’s a sexy phone. Good luck all!

  92. Wish i could win all the giveaways :P!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. I shot the Sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy.

  94. Oh pick me pick me!!

  95. What happens if you eat the Christmas decorations?

    You get Tinsel-itus!

  96. Thank you guys & gals.

  97. that’s one nice phone :)

  98. okay lets have a go again.

  99. this “one” is for me right ?

  100. HTC One X! thanks A&M :D

  101. Amazed that I am eligible, go for it!

  102. I can really use this new HTC. The Sensation is slowing down…

  103. Had so much fun doing this last year I’ve decided to do it again this year.

  104. HTC or not that is the question

  105. great phone, just the battery isnt that great…

  106. Love me some HTC. Hope I get this one!

  107. My fav behind the Nexus 4. Can I get lucky?

  108. Always wanted to have a go at this one

  109. can i get lucky once please?

  110. I’d love if i won this.

  111. Wooo gotta love having a semi high ranking in want an HTC phone!

  112. Pick me! This is my dream phone!!!

  113. Yaay, I need an upgrade for my desire HD!

  114. I could use use some of that display in my life :-)

  115. I only want 1 x anyway.

  116. HTC equals build quality and Sense is still one of the best skins for Android.

  117. Thanks a lot. I hope I win. :D

  118. My friend has ond of these, its a pretty awesome phone

  119. The winner of this will certainly be very happy ! Amazing phone, amazing quality !

  120. Wow! I’d love this one!! :D

  121. Coool….would love to be a part of “one” family…..

  122. Cool! Would be neat to have…

  123. Was just looking into getting me one of these things…

  124. greater than 3 includes 15

  125. Would Love to have a HTC after a long time :)

  126. Would love to WIN a HTC after a long time :)

  127. Thanks to everyone for helping me get to this point. Good luck to you all!

  128. So I am still a bit confused. Is our rank the actual number by our avatar?

  129. Oooh, liking this prize!!

  130. Barely got in under the wire!

  131. Meet Christmas to all, and to me a good phone!

  132. I would love to try out this device, especially unlocked. I’d have to Root it ASAP though!

  133. Still in it and ready to not win!

  134. Just got my nexus4 but a One x as a Christmas gift to my girl would be great and also help my pockets

  135. I almost always translate a phrase above as:
    Winter (Coming Soon)

    Check your local HBO listings?

  136. Nice. Good luck, everyone!

  137. Christmas is upon us soon! These contests have been fun. Thanks AAM!

  138. As a long-time HTC fan dating back to the venerable G1, this would be PERFECT!

  139. Perfect for a HTC fan like me!

  140. almost missed this one

  141. Me please, love HTC build quality

  142. Awwww I thinks this is the bests!

  143. too late to still grab one of these beauties?

  144. please please me! i’ll love y’all forever :)

  145. A great one from HTC and Android and Me!

  146. An Amazing Phone: HTC One X

    ~Screen – Super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen
    ~Resolution – 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches
    ~Internal Memory – 32 GB (26 GB user-available) storage, 1 GB RAM
    ~Camera – 8MP Rear & 1.3 MP Front
    ~Processor – Quad Core, 1.5GHz
    ~Android v4.0(ICS) Upgradable to v4.1.1

    AndroidandMe I Hope I’m Gonna Get This One (^|^)

  147. Good Luck everyone!!
    Hope to win!!

  148. Yes please :-) lol but I would like it :-)

  149. last minute comment, hopefully nobody has noticed day 17

  150. I wasn’t eligible just yesterday but today is a new day…


  151. One of the best phones on the market o/

  152. More Weeeeeee… and I really dig this phone.

  153. drat! missed this one! Good luck to everyone, its a great phone

  154. What a beast of a phone!

  155. yup yup, up-votes for you all

  156. HTC One X for me please!

  157. Oh boy, would I Like this phone!

  158. Cool hope I win this one as my Nexus S is no longer receiving any updates :(

  159. It’d be interesting to test out T-Mobile’s refarming progress.

  160. Hopefully I’m not too late for this one. Either way, BIG MONEY.

  161. Awesome phone. Love HTC.

  162. One X is my dream……….

  163. honestly love this phone!

  164. Would love to have one!

  165. Yeah! I gotta win!!

  166. Perfect christmas gift

  167. awesome phone, would love to have it!

  168. This would be a perfect upgrade from the old piece of junk I currently have.

  169. Please and Thank You

  170. Great Device, Thanks!

  171. C’mon, I wanna win one!

  172. HTC, maker of great phones, and tablets. Still enjoy the Flyer, it was ahead of its time.

  173. Yep sir-e, this here’s a beaut

  174. Would love to find one of those beneath our christmas tree!

  175. here is my submission :)

  176. I need new phone instead my Xperia X10, I think HTC One X would be enough :D

  177. Is it too late to enter????

  178. crap, dont know if its too late but heres my comment

  179. Would love to win this.

  180. Yes now i’m into!

  181. I miss the feel of my Nexus One. This would be perfect!

  182. I would so love one of these!

  183. Yes, this would be great as I’m trying to go to Straight Talk and cancel my Sprint account. All I need is a phone, Hope its not too late.

  184. this is the superb gift for christmas…

  185. Great give away!!Thanks guys