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Back on Day 17 and the competition is about to get real mean. We’ve had some pretty simple challenges for the 25 Days of Tegra until this point, but today we’ve got another test that’s already been taken: your user account’s age. That’s right, to enter to win today, you’ll need to have registered at least ONE YEAR ago.

The Prize: ASUS VivoTab RT TF600T + Dock

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

Today we’re showing some love to the loyal users. To enter, your account will need to be at least one year old. There’s no way to fake this one, you’ll either see a comment form below, or you won’t. Use it. (You can see your account’s age on your profile page). Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winning comment will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Winner (coming soon)

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  1. That would be a really fun thing to experiment with… maybe try and get Linux booting on it?

  2. Love you Android and Me

  3. I feel all grown up.

  4. Thanks again for the great contests.

  5. Despite visiting for years, only signed up during the giveaway last year. Fingers crossed.

  6. Thanks Android and Me, hoping for some luck…!!

  7. Yeah, a chance at another great prize!

  8. A few perks with age. Good luck everyone

  9. Phew. My account is old enough.

  10. Windows? Didn’t even know they made these in this form factor.

  11. I would love one of these!

  12. Yeah for being over a year old, +1′s for all.

  13. Sweeeet! I have a better chance to win now!

  14. Veterans stand up and be noticed with this awesome give away!

  15. Veni, Vidi, Vici… Vivo


  16. I love Android and Me!!! The prize is pretty sweet looking

  17. Dang we’re old…

  18. Well, Until Apple start putting google Nexus iPhones. Make mine A&M.

  19. A great start to the last week of giveaways

  20. my odds on winning this is alot better here :) good luck everyone

  21. Yes!! Being old is finally paying off for me…now if I could make it work for me in everything else…;)

  22. Windows? On a tablet? On :)

  23. Here’s to being one year old enough to hope for an Asus device again

  24. I would love to win this!!!! I love Asus!

  25. Oh my this is awesome!!

  26. It’s gonna be a good day tater.

  27. Low score, old dude. Tegra please!

  28. Windows tablet! Love that we Android users have an open mind. Bring it on!

  29. Hoping to win one of these bad boys.

  30. O boy! Windows RT!!! And a dock? Android and Me you are the best!

  31. Would be fun to win!

  32. I would gladly take that off your hands

  33. This comment is cool.

  34. Loving this giveaway……Thanks Androidandme!!!!

  35. I’d like one to see why everyone seems to complain about win8.

  36. I love Asus’ tablets!

  37. This one! This is the one!

  38. I’m on the nice list for this christmas

  39. I wonder if I could get Android to boot onto this.

  40. Love it! Lets hope Win RT can be replaced ;)

  41. Thanks Android and me! Great giveaway

  42. Looks nice with a keyboard also :)

  43. Cool – comment, comment – :)

  44. So I missed my opportunity to put my name in the ring to win one of these wonderful frisbee/lake skipping items over the weekend, but I’m back now.

    Not sure how this bad boy, with the dock and all, would work as a Frisbee. I’m thinking I could really use this as a bike ramp /\. Or get one of my old school big wheels out and do a few tricks for the ladies.

    Help a guy get lucky around the holidays AndroidAndMe.

  45. Glad I am a year +

  46. Speaking of a year ago, I’ve been searching the A&Me archives for last year’s contest. It’s interesting to see what the top end products were from 2011, and I also think I noticed about a 20% increase in the number of entries. Tough to tell from a simple glance because the number of entries varied according to the rules set out for the day.

  47. Good thing I was a part of this last year lol.

  48. Oh a Windows product. I would still like one :P

  49. Well I’m an old geezer, and my account is old too.. So, can one root this thing and put android on it? ;-)

  50. wow, I wasn’t expecting a windows RT tab on android and me, not complaining though :-)

  51. Where is the Note II? ;)

  52. Looks interesting enough to WIN!

  53. One Year old I make the cut

  54. I really love “25 Days of Tegra”… I’d love them even more if I win this ;)

  55. I am OS agnostic I would like to Try the windows Tab

  56. Please pick me!! I would love this

  57. I love you guys. Hope we all win. May be not the Tablet, but I really wish you all achieve your dreams…

  58. Love the variety in this giveaway! You guys rock!

  59. Glad I’ve been following for like three years now!

  60. Huzzah! I’m old enough!

  61. Woot!…im old : (

  62. I’m having a flashback to last year, when I was a johnny-come-lately and couldn’t enter contests like this!

  63. Still hoping to win something!

  64. Joining the golden oldies!

  65. That’s a sexy looking tablet.

  66. Member for 780 Days, I’m in.

  67. Woot for being older than 1!

  68. I hope there’s a contest for 3+ years. That’ll be my best chance.

  69. Awesome! Keep’em coming, maybe just maybe I’ll win something this time.

  70. Intrigued! Could be interesting :)

  71. Suppose I qualify for that!

    It would be interesting to test Win RT for a change!

  72. Wait what? Android and Me is giving away a windows tablet? That’s new to me! :D

  73. I am sure I could get android running on this thing, that would be a lot of fun to do too.
    or who knows maybe windows will win me over…..NOT

    What is love? Oh baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more
    What is love? Oh baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more
    Whoa whoa whoa, oooh oooh, whoa whoa whoa, oooh oooh

  74. It’s been a good 14 months or so that I’ve been a member. Thanks AndroidandMe for all that you do!

  75. I have no idea what I would do with this, but I would love it anyway.

  76. This site is my favorite out of the 3 or 4 I follow daily! Thanks to you and Droid-Life for all the giveaways you’ve been doing this month!

  77. I’m loyal so I deserve this darn thing ! I need it

  78. Sweet, I can enter

  79. Was on the old site, but signed up just over a year ago for the new site.What a surprise, I could win!!! Androidandme, you guys rock!

  80. Would be awesome to win after being a member for this long!!!

    Hooray for all 1+ year people!

  81. Windows tablet? Sure, why not.

  82. Windows tablet? I’ll take it :)

  83. Weeeeeee Windows Tablet mhm yes.

  84. dix-septième jour!

  85. Look like I would never win this. Good luck everyone else :)

  86. Yay i qualify! Hope i can win

  87. Happy Holidays from Android and Me and me :).

  88. I’d be sure to thank you if you let me win :)

  89. put me in the hat and pull me a tablet out of the bag

  90. My ASUS Transformer Prime is my play thing, Windows is my Work thing. This does seem like an unholy matrimony, but I am willing to sign my soul away for a new peice of kit to play with.

  91. Lemme grab somathat Win8 goodness…please!

  92. I was actually hoping you would give out a Tegra Win8 device but didnt think you would :D awesome though.

  93. Santa, I’ve been a good boy!

  94. Dedicated member right here

  95. Wow this is great ive really been wanting a way to get into the windows 8 ecosystem

  96. I’ve been a bit curious about Win 8. And free is the best way to satiate that curiosity. (Though still a bit strange on an Android blog.)

  97. Joe and peace to the world. Happy holiday everybody.

  98. A windows tab? Is this Android and Me? Who cares, it looks nifty!

  99. like the keyboard it comes with

  100. Yes.i don’t mind if I do

  101. This one would be great! Good luck to all :O)

  102. with the keyboard dock it is a full on laptop. That would be nice.

  103. Been lurking for a long time :D

  104. A Windows 8 tablet would be great beside my Android tablet!

  105. I’d still take it

  106. This would be a nice gift…

  107. Seems like yesterday I made an account here.

  108. Being loyal really pays off :D

  109. a Windows tablet! Not bad!

  110. I was wondering if they would offer on of these. As much as I love android I’ve been wanting one of these too.

  111. Its not android, but I’ll take it!

  112. Would love to win this Asus Transform… , I mean Asus VivoTab!

  113. Well I’ll keep it if I win. However, I would not purchase one. It’s not android:-(

  114. Maybe if I win this I can retire my ancient desktop!

  115. I still think W8 is pretty neat looking, but I haven’t fooled around with Surface much, this would be great to experiment on!

  116. Im down with windows tablets as much as I needto be to accept one as a prize!

  117. Man this would be sweet!!!!!

  118. Wow not an android device but still looking really cool was thinking of getting one of these for work.

  119. dang! good thing I registered last summer :)

  120. Good thing I registered back in the day. Woohoo!!!

  121. I would love to see how windows compares to android on a tablet

  122. I’m old, gimme some love…

  123. Stoked to have been here for over a year!

  124. I registered 359 days ago! Phew!

  125. Thanks Androidandme for a great start to hopefully a great week! Good luck everyone!

  126. Lets try again! Good luck!

  127. Windows 8 sucks, but hey i will give it a go if i win this :D

  128. Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas!

  129. Awesome, this would be an amazing gift. Happy holidays!

  130. Ooh, I’ve never been so happy to be old before! :-)

  131. Hooray! I didn’t realize my account was this old.

  132. I would love to give Windows 8 a try!

  133. This would be a seriously amazing win!!

  134. Awesome prize, thanks for the contest.

  135. Shiny… Windows 8 shiny!

  136. Ooooo…very nice. I’d love to my tiny little fingers on this one.

  137. Ummm yep. This is a beaut.

  138. One of the fresh line-ups of Win 8 from Asus..Interested to play with it.

  139. It seems kind of wrong to enter for something other than an Android device, but I am in.

  140. haha sometimes age counts :D

  141. I like to keep an open mind; I’d give it a try!

  142. I would love to use this to try out Win8!

  143. This is a surprising give away, but I’m sure I could find a use for it :)

  144. I knew I was in for something special when I made my Android And Me account!

  145. Yay its a year and 10 days old!

  146. Oh man, a year…I just barely made that one.

  147. Yep, its been just over a year since the last contest got me off my butt to sign up!

  148. Looks really good. Man I want this bad

  149. Good thing I registered to participate last year!

  150. W O W !!!!! I would like to get my hands on this just to play around with Windows 8 RT!!!!

  151. Sweet, this thing looks pretty nice!

  152. So you’re saying there’s a chance

  153. NICE!! android and me rulz!

  154. I’ve been a long time fan!

  155. I hope I win! You guys are awesome!

  156. Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Thanks for this giveaway, and please count me in!

  158. A windows tablet?

    Randomly pick me! (please)

  159. count me in, i would love one of thos, sadly i wont be buying one, so you’d really be helping me out.

  160. I have yet to experiment with a Windows product outside of a PC but i am so ready to work with this…thanks A&M!

  161. Sign me Uppp , Joined 495 days Ago.

  162. Let’s hope chance is with me.

  163. Windows tablet… from an Android blog?
    Eh, I’ll take it

  164. 383 baby!!! Count me in.

  165. I knew i got an account for a reason ;)

  166. 5 Years with android :D iOS striked out when Android came out, it never got it’s game back.

  167. I’d give it a try.

  168. Wow there is a lot of dedicated people. Nice

  169. Great to see a Windows 8 product on Androidandme!

  170. mine – all mine! I’m a rich and happy miser!

  171. GL to all us old-timers!

  172. Yay! I can enter again! Thanks :)

  173. good luck to everyone. i havent experience a windows 8 tablet yet

  174. 1 year + whooo hooo

  175. Let’s give it a try :-)

  176. I’d love to have one of these.

  177. Winner, winner chicken dinner

  178. another sweet product by asus

  179. been a member for years! <3 you people!

  180. Getting very close.

  181. Getting very close. Windows 8!

  182. Finally, a thread free from all them young whippersnappers!

  183. i wud love to win woot!! :D

  184. think I have this covered

  185. Really like the way AaM do competitions. Thanks and good luck! :-)

  186. One year! It’s been a while!

  187. you can’t fake this one…that’s what he said, boom in your face!

  188. long time member ftw :D

  189. Yeah baby, go old timers!

  190. Would love this for Christmas.

  191. Hello, my fellow one year olds.

  192. Next year when I enter for contests, my account will be 2 years old and I can qualify for more Tegra!

  193. One more day, one more try…

  194. I need a new laptop for class!

  195. 1 year old as of a few days!!

  196. Please and Thank You.

  197. I don’t see a comment box; and What the hell is a Asus vivo tab anyways?