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It’s Day 9 and you’re thinking “This tablet could be mine.” And you’re right. All you’ve got to do to enter to win today’s 25 Days of Tegra challenge is leave a comment.

The Prize: 

It’s a tablet and it’s free. Oh, it’s also powered by the beyond-kickass NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

Since it’s the weekend, we’re going to make it super easy for you. Simply leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win. Of course, you’ll need to be a registered user to do so. Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Winner: rashad360

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  1. Hey, beautiful machine! For me!

  2. I could really use a tablet, my laptop is almost a brick.


  4. This look like a great Tablet to use. Sure could put it to good use if I win it

  5. Keep trying, keep trying…

  6. This tablet looks really good!

  7. Would love this as a Christmas present!

  8. I’ll take one to go please!!

  9. Thanks…and go Niners!

  10. It Really is The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year!

  11. Never seen one of these, looks pretty slick.

  12. Looks like good thing.

  13. looks pretty good. Hope iI win it.

  14. I would love to win the fabulous giveaway
    To win would surely make my day
    Good luck to all especially me
    I guess I will have to just wait and see

    thanks for the giveaway and goodluck everyone

  15. It can’t hurt to enter

  16. This would make for a fabulous Christmas! Thx

  17. Another Exciting Giveaway, Indeed.

  18. Day 9 – Tosh10. Entered. Fingers crossed.

  19. Darn. I soo wish I get something. WHEE!!

  20. Looks like a quality tablet! Me gusta.

  21. Soo many tablets I’ve never heard of :D

  22. Dear Santa…. Here’s your milk and cookies. :)

  23. Would be a nice thing to have :)

  24. Now that would be a kick ASS gift for my wife! We could duel with my TF300.

  25. I’ve never seen or heard too much about the Toshiba line, it’d be nice to experience it hands on

  26. I’ll go in on this one, I followed this tablet for what seemed like months! great looking tab.

  27. And now the winner is…….. ME! Yehey!!!!

  28. just keep swimmin’

  29. oh yeah… come to mama…

  30. Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Happy holidays everyone

  32. Been viewing this site for quite a while now. Love the work

  33. Short and sweet entry…

  34. Day 9 contest, I AM IN YOU.

  35. I really want one of these, my friend has one just like this and its awesome, not quite as amazing as a Nexus 10, but I would still love one for christmas!

  36. Wow this tablet looks sharp I’m thinking it would look good in my hands

  37. Ideally, when I get a tablet, I want a 10 inch. 8.9 is awesome, and 7 is a little small for my taste. I’d be happy with the Toshiba Excite

  38. Gimme some of that beautiful Tegra hardware

  39. Hope I get one of these!

  40. You can see how “Excite”-d I will be when you pick me!!

  41. Hohoho nice choice of a tablet~<3

  42. Happy Holidays ya’ll!

  43. What an amazing looking device. Here’s to Hoping.

  44. Love tegra as an Soc. Great for gaming!

  45. Hoping again my touchpad was stolen so my fingers are crossed!

  46. Make my dreams come true…. All I want for Christmas is yooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuu!

  47. I will kiss you if I won

  48. I would be super “excited” to win this :-D

  49. Can I haz? I wants a haz, pleeze

  50. Excited about this prize. I want this toshiba.

  51. Hehe cool device :-)

  52. i would love to have it………..

  53. Seriously, who wouldn’t want free tech?

  54. This also would be great to give to my little brother for Christmas :)

  55. Noice bit of hardware, mate.

  56. all mine?! what are the chances…slim to none

  57. Still got that headache…hurry up with my tablet please!

  58. This would be another great tablet to win. It’s time!

  59. so to enter i just have to be a random registered user – i have done this part. Do yours and i will be very happy :)

  60. Merry Xmas all! With nothing but pen and paper available for starting next year’s degree, a tablet sure would be useful! Finger crossed <3

  61. You guys are making it easy this year – thanks!

  62. I’ve only actually read the spec sheet on this tablet until now. It looks amazing. Fingers crossed.

  63. Send one my way, please.

  64. It is a wonderful device. Good luck everyone!

  65. Lets Go Go Go! Fingers Crossed :D

  66. simply enter a comment. done.

  67. Day 9 now!!! AWESOME

  68. Thank you for nice gift. :-)

  69. I came, I saw, I conquered.

  70. did I just hear a niner? a new Tegra would be so Excite. haha, i know, i know.

  71. cmon you good thing!

  72. Happy holidays, as always.

  73. Wow! That’s a lot of scrolling to get to the Comments entry field! Thanx all for the 10-inch tab giveaway. Cheers.

  74. This Tablet Should be mine!!!

  75. I really wanna win at least one!

  76. I want to try my luck as well.

  77. Christmas present would be awesome, grats to whomever wins

  78. Damn it! I forgot to comment yesterday…

  79. Today’s the day!

  80. I have to remember to keep coming back here daily.

  81. So is it going to be simply comment every weekend?

  82. Awesome. Ideal for a parent still running xp.

  83. Such a beautiful tablet!

  84. Walking in a Tegra Wonderland! Thanks Android and Me.

  85. I want the tablet (^_^)

  86. I would love one, thank you very much.

  87. this is not going to be my day. orrrrrr is it?

  88. winner winner chicken dinner!

  89. Tis the season, to pick this guy…. Fa La La La

  90. i like my chances, looks like a sweet tablet!


  92. Merry Christmas to me!

  93. Yes! Please! That looks awesome!!

  94. Today’s contest contains even bigger excite-ment!

  95. Easiest contests ever…just would really like to actually win…anything!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  96. I really want to win this. Its so cool!

  97. Im not selfish. Out of 25 all I want is 1. And this is the ONE!

  98. Please allow me to express my gratitude for allowing Canada into these draws!

  99. Looks sleek as hell, Want!

  100. enjoying the easy entry

  101. Super excited about this contest! Gimme some Tegra!

  102. Would love to try this out! Pick me!

  103. Leaving Apple and joining Android….this would be a great start:D

  104. I’d love to have one of these… ;-)

  105. yes, would love to have one!

  106. 10″ is better than 7″

  107. I’m so EXCITED!!! *rim shot*

  108. This looks like a cool tablet to win! Thanks!

  109. Here I am. Good luck everybody.

  110. That looks awesome!

  111. I’ve been waiting for so long to be eligible to place a comment.
    Love the manly design of this tablet. Please be nice to me and reward me one :-)

  112. I’m Excited about Day 9.

  113. Amazing tablet, I must have it. Pretty please.

  114. I missed a couple days but I hope not to do so again!!

  115. That looks very sleek

  116. Anything for a Christmas gift guys. Come on…

  117. Wow! That’s a beautiful machine. I don’t think I’d mind winning it.

  118. I want one hopefully this one is mine!

  119. I hope day 9 is my lucky day. :)

  120. Another great prize. Have any prizes been awarded?

  121. I got it! I got it! I got it!

  122. This would make a great gift for my wife. Hope I win.

  123. Hello! Count me in :-)

  124. OK, here it is the end of anther semester, I got good grades and I really want a new toy for Christmas. Please!

  125. Feeling lucky, great tablet

  126. damn! Now i’m even more EXCITEd! 10 times in fact! ;)

  127. I love that Toshiba wasn’t afraid to go bold with their tablets this time around. 7.7, 10, and 13. That’s quite a range.

  128. Never win these things I wonder if anyone actually wins.

  129. I am hoping one day I do win

  130. This is one sexy tablet I hope I win

  131. easiest contest ever.. thanks!

  132. A perfect gift for sure!

  133. dont know if i put a comment already. oh well

  134. I am the most unluckiest person I know but oh well!! I’d like one!

  135. I never win these contests…

  136. Man that’s a nice looking tablet.

  137. leaving a comment, now i win right?

  138. Hope I win thanks for this

  139. you guys just keep rollin’ out the tablets, and they are all awesome


  141. Toshiba Excite 10….Please come to my Home……

  142. i will be so excited if i win :)

  143. Wow Great Tablet….Fingers Crossed…..

  144. Thanks! Good luck everyone!

  145. This is something I have been wanting for myself for a while now

  146. would love to get one of these

  147. Yay! A Toshiba Excite 10! I’m EXCITED!

  148. Specs out as a fun tablet to have. Thanks for the giveaway AndroidAndMe (and me would like to win!)

  149. well, at least I have a chance

  150. bored out of my mind. waiting for all my friends to finish their exams

  151. I really want this. BELIEVE ME!

  152. Awesome. Need a tablet pc.

  153. Well I haven’t won one yet so I think it’s about time, right?

  154. Thanks @androidandme and @NVIDIATegra for putting 25 Days of Tegra together, I’d love to give a Toshiba Excite 10 a new home. I promise to keep it charged up and take it for walks every day.

  155. how much jellybeans would andy eat if andy could eat jelly beans?

  156. That looks like a pretty cool tablet.

  157. Groovy. Can you gift wrap it? lol

  158. I have to say, of all the Tegra3-powered tablets – this one is the most sleek and beautiful! Would love to show one off at work so all my Apple-tarded co-workers can drool…

  159. Hail to Android and Me best android site around

  160. There are some nice tablet apps that I would love to use on this tablet

  161. 0 for 9. Not doing to good.

  162. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope the luck turns in my favor sometime..