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Android continues to dominate globally, reaches 70 percent marketshare in 2012


If you had any doubts about Android’s dominate position in the marketplace over the last year, you can put them to bed now. According to a new report out of Strategy Analytics, 152.1 million Android phones were shipped in Q4 of 2012 alone last year, leaving Android with a whopping 70 percent global marketshare.

The race for domination in the US may be a bit more evenly split, but across the globe, Android is crushing the competition. Globally, in the fourth quarter of last year, Android managed to double the amount of devices shipped, to 152.1 million from 80.6 million in 2011. Meanwhile iOS saw modest gains, with 47.8 million units shipped up from 37.0, but failed to top out at even one third of Android’s marketshare. Every other platform barely registered. Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Bada struggled to hit 7.9 percent marketshare.

This year doesn’t necessarily look to be easy for Android, but the groundwork is already being laid for another record smashing year. Google is working harder than ever to promote and improve upon not only the services and individual products that make up Android, but their own Nexus line of devices as well. Manufactures also remain committed to Android, with phones like the Galaxy S IV promising to smash records of its own.

Here’s to a great year, Android. Keep up the good work.

Source: TechCrunch

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