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First Ubuntu Phone OS download for Galaxy Nexus to be available in February


At a press event held in London last week, Canonical unveiled the next big thing for the Linux-based Ubuntu: a smartphone operating system. Demoed on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the operating system wasn’t complete, but early hands-on reports were positive. Today, it has been announced that the first installable download of Ubuntu Phone OS is going to be released in February.

It still won’t be feature complete, but in just over a month from now, Galaxy Nexus owners with a mind for tinkering will be able to experience their first encounter with Ubuntu for phones. It’s not said if the first release will include the Ubuntu app store or voice actions missing during the unveiling of the platform, but you can be sure the essentials (dialing and messaging) will be fully functional.

As one of the most widely used Linux distributions in world, it’s hard to imagine Ubuntu Phone OS not making a splash. It may be a little late to topple the empire Google has built with Android, but I’m sure it will have its following. If you have a Galaxy Nexus laying around, will you be installing Ubuntu Phone OS? Let us know in the comments.

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