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Google Time concept is simply gorgeous

Google time concept

Wearable computing is just starting to take the consumer technology market by storm, with watches already rising to the top as the go to device for experimenting with the trend. We know Google has an interest in wearable computing with Glass, but watches seem like a much more accessible product. So what would a Google watch look like? User interface designer Adrian Maciburko has hit the nail on the head with his Google Time concept.

By using a combination of Holo themes and other various Google related design elements, Maciburko has taken the best of Google’s latest look, feel and information, and created a watch concept that any Android owner would be proud to wear on their wrist. According to Maciburko’s concepts, Google Time would work by using a series of gestures to navigate the OS, displaying information like weather, Google+ notifications, details on places, and even allowing for voice search.

If Google’s smart, they hopefully already have something as beautiful and functional as Google Time in the works. If not, they should be offering Mr. Maciburko a job as soon as possible. For more on Google Time, check out Adrian Maciburko’s Dribbble page, and watch the short video below.

Via: DroidLife

Source: Dribbble

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