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Great white Nexus 4 caught on camera [Update: new photos]

2 years ago 31

Back in October when the Nexus 4 was still more rumor than reality we had leaks from Carphone Warehouse that suggested the LG Nexus 4 would come in both black and white.

While the name of course proved to be correct we never actually saw that white model, until now. An anonymous tipster sent the image above to Phone Arena and while a clever photoshop job is always possible it certainly looks like the real deal with the now familiar glimmer showing towards the bottom of the image. The only noticeable difference (beyond being completely white of course) is the chrome ring around the camera lens replacing the black of the standard Nexus.

The last tidbit of information lending at least some additional credence to this image is that the EXIF data shows that it was taken by a Korean model LG Optimus G, a logical enough device for an LG insider to be wielding.

So now that everyone got their Nexus 4 order in this morning is anyone going to cancel their order to hold out for this shiny new color option or will you learn from Ahab’s mistakes and let this potential white whale go?

Update: Take a look at the abundance of new photos below courtesy of Android Police. While it still falls short of confirming a retail release the fact that this device exists is no longer in doubt. Do the new angles do anything for you?