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Hands-on with Archos TV Connect – bring the full Android experience to any TV

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CES is full of Android-related devices connected or built into televisions, but the new Archos TV Connect is the very first Google-certified device to deliver the full Android experience on a TV. While Google TV devices may have a version of the OS developed specifically for large screen displays, Archos has chosen to use a nearly stock version of Android 4.1 on the TV Connect. This leaves users with a traditional Android tablet UI and access to Google Play.

The device itself mounts on top of your TV and features a built-in webcam. To control the TV Connect, Archos has developed its own controller with a full QWERTY keyboard and gaming buttons. The dual analog sticks can be used for on-screen navigation and pinch-to-zoom gestures throughout the OS. The controller is also equipped with an accelerometer, so that it can be used in the same manner as LG’s Magic Remote.

The Archos TV Connect is scheduled to go on sale in February for $129.99. It may not have the specs to match NVIDIA’s Project Shield, but it’s definitely a good alternative for anyone looking to do a bit of Android gaming while connected to their TV.

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