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HTC M7, Sense 5 pictures reveal even more details


If you’re starting to get annoyed with all the HTC M7 news lately, we suggest you move on to another story. Yesterday we saw the first believable rendering of the HTC M7, and today we have a pair of high-quality pictures that show off the front and back of the device. The good news is that the new pictures match up really well with yesterday’s renderings. The only real differences we’ve been able to spot are the placement of the flash (it’s moved from the right to the left side of the camera lens) and the Beats logo (which will probably vary depending on where service providers decide to place their logos).

Along with the pictures of the M7, there are a few new screen shots to show off HTC Sense 5 in more detail. As we saw with previous leaks, Sense 5 is moving away from the typical skeuomorphic design we’ve seen in previous versions of Sense and toward a “simple and clean” approach. We’re hoping that the Sense 5 is a lot lighter than previous versions, as that would hopefully translate into a much more responsive and fluid UI.

htc-m7-bottom-700x380 htc-m7-pictures-1 htc-m7-pictures-2 htc-m7-pictures-3 htc-m7-pictures-4 htc-m7-pictures-5

Now that you’ve seen real pictures of the HTC M7 and HTC Sense 5, what are your thought? Is HTC going to have a leg up on Samsung in 2013?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Android Police

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