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Samsung Super Bowl ad teaser: “El Plato Supremo”

Samsung is back at it again for Super Bowl 2013. They aired the longest ad of Super Bowl 2012 at 90 seconds centered around the Galaxy Note. They are upping the ante to a full two minutes this year and the ad, “The Big Pitch,” will feature the Galaxy S III, the Note II and the Note 10.1.

Samsung has been firing on all cylinders with their hardware as of late, and they’ve been rewarded with Galaxy S line sales cresting 100 million. The Galaxy S3 accounts for over 40 million units sold. That doesn’t even include the Note or Note II, which have the phablet market laced up for the time being.

But if Apple has taught us anything, it’s that the psychological warfare of consumer technology can be at least as important as the actual product. Samsung has shined on that front as well. The Next Big Thing campaign has really resonated with consumers. They helped seed the notion that Apple isn’t the innovative company they once were, and that Apple products aren’t necessarily the cool thing to carry anymore. This is advertising we’re talking about, so whether that’s true or not is completely irrelevant.

What do you think of the angle they’re taking this year? Is this going to be worth the millions they shelled out for two whole minutes of precious Super Bowl air time?

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