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Over 100 million Galaxy S series devices sold to date

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Big news out of Samsung today that puts the success of their Galaxy S series devices into perspective. When combining sales for the original Galaxy S, S II and S III, sales of Samsung’s S series devices have officially topped 100 million globally.

There’s no denying Samsung’s impact on Android as a whole. For many people, Android is Samsung. They hold the biggest piece of both the market-share and profit pie. All of this is reflected in the fact that Samsung has managed to move over 100,000,000 Galaxy S devices. That’s not including the Note, Note II, Ace or any other Samsung devices. Just premium flagship phones over the last two and a half years.

As Samsung continues to move forward with a more unified portfolio approach (one model of S3 for as many carriers as possible, with as little changes as possible), sales continue to grow for the company. The original Galaxy S reached 10 millions sales in the first seven months of its existence, the S II reached the same number in just five months, and the S III hit 20 million sales in 100 days. Impressive to say the least.

Congratulations, Samsung. You’ve earned it. We can’t wait to see how well the Galaxy S IV sells.

Source: Samsung

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