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Carbon, the long awaited Twitter client, hits the Play Store


Carbon for Twitter has been one of the most anticipated apps to come to Android in a long time. Once a webOS app with a ton of potential, Carbon for Twitter has finally made its way into the Google Play Store. So was it worth the wait? Is it good enough to dethrone well established apps like Plume and recent gems like Falcon? It’s very, very close.

Dressed in all black with a granite-like texture for a backdrop, the first things you’ll notice about Carbon for Twitter are that it looks beautiful and goes heavy on the animations and gestures. While the animations and gestures make for a fun navigation experience, both can be a bit overwhelming. For example, the pull-to-refresh animation has you almost pulling your timeline off your screen. And the jump-to-top function is hidden by a two-fingered pull, not mentioned anywhere in the app.

There are a handful of missing features that other apps have had for some time now. Notifications are extremely limited (it’s either check once every 15 minutes or not at all) and things like Tweet Marker and other third-party service support are nonexistent. Tablet support is also missing.

My overall first impressions are that Carbon is a great start. While it’s missing some essential features, the app is balanced out by aesthetics and speed. In order to fully appreciate how fluid Carbon is, you have to use it. I’m guessing the developers behind Carbon for Twitter are hard at work building out the feature set and tweaking the general UI. With one big update, Carbon could easily jump to the front of the pack as everyone’s go-to Twitter client for Android. To download Carbon for Twitter, which I highly suggest doing, use the download widget below.


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