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New HTC Sync Manager will take advantage of iPhone backup files


One of the easiest ways to keep customers with the platform they originally start with is lock-in. Once you commit, to iOS for example, it can be a pain transferring all your data to Android. HTC wants to take advantage of this burden, by offering up a new feature in HTC Sync Manager that allows new HTC One users to transfer data from iPhone backup files to their shiny new device.

By allowing iPhone backup files to be used with HTC Sync Manager, HTC may have just captured a wide section of the market, consisting of users who don’t want to be bothered with manually transferring data, or afraid to take the plunge to Android for the loss of convenience.

The latest Sync Manager update set to launch with the HTC One will allow consumers to pull photos, videos, text messages and calendar appointments from iPhone backups, and push them to the HTC One. HTC Sync Manager already includes limited iTunes support, making future syncing even easier. No word on whether or not iPhone backup compatibility will be available to older HTC handsets yet.

What do you think of HTC Sync Manager’s new found ability? Is a smart move, or are there more important things they should be working on?

Source: Cnet

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