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NVIDIA responds to diss from Qualcomm, says Tegra 4 on track for late Q2


Last week Qualcomm‘s CMO Anand Chandrasekher came out with some sharp comments for their main rival. “We clean Tegra 4′s clock,” said Chandrasekher. “There’s nothing in Tegra 4 that we looked at that looks interesting. Tegra 4 frankly, looks a lot like what we already have in [Snapdragon] S4 Pro.”

He goes on to say that their current Snapdragon S4 Pro chip is twice as fast as Tegra 3 and their new Snapdragon 600 series will best Tegra 4. Looking to the second half of the year, Chandrasekher says, “We believe our Snapdragon 800 completely outstrips [the competition] and puts a new benchmark in place.”

This week NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang responded to the comments by saying Tegra 4 will offer extraordinary performance. “No one outside the company knows the performance of Tegra 4,” said Huang. “I’m looking forward to the reviewers, which ultimately the reviewers will tell us how their processor compares to ours.”

Some people say that specs are dead, but we can’t wait to see how these two upcoming platforms stack up against each other. We shouldn’t have to wait much longer, because both companies expect their new chips to be available in Q2.

Qualcomm already announced their Snapdragon 600 series would be available in commercial devices by Q2, and NVIDIA echoed that timeline. Huang said, “Q2 is when we ship [Tegra 4] to customers. Q2 is also when we ship the Tegra 4 based Shield device.”

Several sites had speculated that Huang was talking about fiscal 2013 and that Project Shield might slip to September, but we confirmed with NVIDIA that Project Shield is still scheduled to ship by late calendar Q2 2013. Based on this information we anticipate that Project Shield will be available for purchase in June and additional Tegra 4 devices (like HP’s new tablet) will ship after that.

Both NVIDIA and Qualcomm have press events scheduled for this month’s Mobile World Congress show, so be on the lookout for more announcements.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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