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Samsung’s Super Bowl ad with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen; who’s The Next Big Thing?

Samsung ad Sunday has arrived at last and it’s going to be bookended by a football game no less, pretty sweet. Just in case you’ve got nachos and chicken wings to get rolling on you can catch it now though as Samsung Mobile posted it early to their YouTube channel.

The ad is very much in line with the teaser that we saw a few days ago. There was some speculation in the comments that Samsung would take at least some kind of pot shot at Apple in the ad proper, but it seems that they have gone firmly for the high ground this time around with Rudd and Rogen just taking shots at one another.

Overall I like what they did here as they managed to slip in the products and some of their unique features without beating people over the head with them and there are certainly some funny bits in there.

Any favorite moments from the ad for you and the critical question is do you think that this is one of the ads people will be talking about on Monday?

Source: Samsung Mobile YouTube Channel

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