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Zoe Share springs to life, shows off HTC One’s new camera experience

1 year ago 27

We still have at least a week or two before the HTC One starts shipping in Europe, but that does not mean we have to wait until then to experience HTC Zoe Share. HTC launched the service to host HTC Zoe highlights captured with the HTC One. An HTC Zoe captures 20 pictures and a three-second video clip all at once, but the true magic is in the 30-second highlight clips, which can be automatically created using your pictures, videos and Zoes.

To give you an idea of what these clips look like when automatically mixed together on the HTC One, we searched various social networks and found a handful clips uploaded to HTC Zoe Share. When you click on the link you can view the 30-second clip, but you’re also able to view the individual pieces of media and location information associated with the Zoe.

The video below is a great overview of Zoe and the HTC One’s new camera features. Do you think HTC Zoe will change the way HTC One users capture and share their pictures?

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