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Rumor: Motorola X Phone to pack Maxx battery life and a Sony camera


We’ve gotta slap a rumor tag on this one, but I’d say that everything Phone Arena’s tipster dropped on them belongs in the massively probable category.

Motorola has been delivering solid hardware for at least a year now with the software (well and camera) being our main points of contention with them. Our biggest hope for the Google acquisition was that we would finally see Motorola return to vanilla Android while maintaining their hardware chops. It’s taken a bit longer than we hoped, but the latest round of rumors certainly appears to confirm that the X Phone will be that device.

Perhaps the least surprising piece of information is that the X Phone will have a battery capacity rivaling that of the MAXX line. This has been a huge advantage for Motorola with battery life being a feature that any user can understand and appreciate. Only the Note II comes within screaming distance of the MAXX line for battery life and that is of course at the cost of a 5.5-inch frame that simply doesn’t fit for all users.

Next on the rumor hit list is a Sony camera sensor, which regardless of the megapixels would be a huge step up from the aforementioned disappointing camera performance across the entire Motorola line. Sony’s Android devices may not be flying off the shelves, who knows maybe the Xperia Z will turn that around, but their Exmor camera sensors are perhaps the best available on the market.

This tipster pegged the phone at 4.8-inches which is just a minor bump up from the existing RAZR line and a logical enough size if they are looking for a one device fits all solution. Also in the unsurprising category is the inclusion of kevlar in the construction which has been a highly touted feature in several Motorola handsets and matches with Google’s insistence that your phone “shouldn’t go splat” when you drop it.

Rounding out the specs list are an unidentified quad-core processor, a microSD slot and up to 128GB of internal storage (wait, what?!).

Again nothing (other than that internal storage figure) is remotely shocking here, which in this case I’m not actually finding disappointing. We’ve been mostly pleased with Motorola’s hardware direction so just update those internals and don’t bother slathering anything on top of that Key Lime Pie and the Motorla X Phone should be a serious contender this summer.

Now Motorola just needs to lock up that product manager to make sure this thing is ready for a Google I/O unveil in May and a roll out to call carriers shortly thereafter.

Source: Phone Arena

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