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Name your own price and get your hands on Humble Bundle with Android 5


Humble Bundle is back with five new games and an amazing price – whatever the heck you feel like paying. If you consider yourself a gamer, you’ve probably heard of Humble Bundle which features a handful of amazing indie games that have been developed for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Humble Bundle with Android 5 will be available for two weeks, allowing you to support developers and charities by naming your own price for the following games:

  • Beat Hazard Ultra by Cold Beam Games - the musically powered arcade shooter
  • Dynamite Jack by Hassey Enterprises - the 2-D stealth action game
  • Solar 2 by Murudai -the open world intergalactic
  • NightSky HD by Nicalis - the physics puzzle platformer

While there are a few of you who will try to walk away with the latest Humble Bundle by only spending a few bucks, those who chooses to pay more than the average price (currently sitting at $5.54) will also receive a copy of  Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh and Dungeon Defenders by Trendy Entertainment. Like before, you can choose to allocate a part of your purchase to the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play Charity and add to the $10.7 million which other have already contributed.

The way we see it, Humble Bundle is a win for you, a win for developers and a win for sick kids. So what are you waiting for? Click the source link below and name your price for Humble Bundle with Android 5.

Source: Humble Bundle

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