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HTC comes up One carrier shy of a complete set in the U.S.


HTC has confirmed via their official US Twitter account that Verizon won’t be carrying the HTC One. Their less than satisfying solution for Verizon customers is to check out the Droid DNA. While we really enjoyed the DNA that doesn’t change the fact that technology marches on and the HTC One clearly brings more to the table than the DNA has to offer.


I am enjoying the scrappy attitude that HTC has shown in the last few weeks and their #theNextBigFlop tweet was worth a chuckle, but it’s all for naught if you can’t put the product on the shelves for a third of the U.S. cellular market.

Now the tweet obviously leaves open the interpretation that Verizon has just insisted on a Droidified version of the One. Considering we were already expecting the One to hit Verizon a bit later than the rest of the carriers this would come as no surprise. With that said the One’s design is amongst its most talked about features so anything more than a black and red skinning will be a blow.

I’m not encouraged, but I refuse to give up hope yet as HTC still owes me for the travesty that was my Thunderbolt and bringing a compelling version of the One to Verizon would be acceptable payment. Droid DNA+ has been bandied about as a possible name, but for those of you Verizonites that are holding out hope for a One on Big Red with me what name would you like to see them slap on it?

Source: @HTCUSA

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