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HTC One now available at retailers and service providers across the UK


At long last, the wait for the HTC One has come to an end… if you live in the UK. As promised, the delayed HTC One is now widely available from UK service providers and third-party retail outlets. Pricing for the HTC One is all over the board. You can pick up the HTC One for free with two-year service agreements, which start as low as £33 per month, or pay full retail price by purchasing the HTC One from  Dial-a-PhonePhones4UAmazon UK or Clove UK. The cheapest off-contract price for the HTC One we’ve been able to find is Three UK’s £480 sticker price. But you’ll have to wait a few extra days to cash in on the deal, since they will not start shipping the device until April 2.

While most service providers appear to have the device in stock, Vodafone has posted a notice on its HTC one product page that they will not have any devices available for another 3-4 weeks due to high-demand. We’re not sure if Vodafone didn’t get its HTC One shipment or if they chose to simply distribute all of the phones to its retail stores.

Now that the UK launch of the HTC One has been checked off the list, we’re hoping HTC can shifts its focus to North America and other countries across the EU.

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Source: GSM Arena

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