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Nexus 4 sees small design changes in newest models


Apparently, the Nexus 4 wasn’t the incredibly well-designed super handset Matias Duarte and company would have had you believe. At least, it wasn’t good enough to just leave alone. Several sites around the web are reporting today that the Nexus 4 has seen some small design changes in the latest run of devices. Nothing too major has been changed, but it may be enough to leave you a little miffed if you already own the device.

Photographed in detail by Android Central, two small bumps have been added just above the exposed screws on the rear of the newest Nexus 4 model. These bumps serve to fix several design flaws on the original Nexus 4 without distracting from the overall design.

The completely flush back on the original Nexus 4 caused several problems. When on its back, the Nexus 4′s speaker is muffled; it’s incredibly slippery and prone to sliding right off of hard surfaces; and it’s a scratch magnet. By adding two small bumps positioned across the back, all three problems are taken care of. There’s also been a slight change to the camera lens, but that doesn’t appear to serve any purpose so far.


I have experienced problems with everything listed above, but not since using a dbrand carbon fiber skin and now an official Nexus 4 bumper from Google Play (which is fantastic by the way). Still, it would have been nice if accessories had not been needed to fix these problems. Fortunately for new Nexus 4 owners, they won’t be.

Source: Android Central

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