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Samsung posts Galaxy S IV teaser image to Twitter and Facebook

galaxy s iv render leak

Just when you thought it was safe to rest for the night, the Galaxy S IV news keeps on rolling in. So far today, we’ve seen the second part of Samsung and Jeremy’s adventures in Galaxy S land, and some pictures from the Chinese forum 52 Samsung, supposedly detailing the device in full, color photos. Now, Samsung has taken to Twitter and Facebook to tease the S IV even further, releasing what appears to be a picture of the S IV lurking in the shadows.

Reminiscent of a Galaxy Nexus teaser released some time ago, tonight’s Galaxy S IV teaser shows just a small area of the device, accompanied by absolutely no details or hints. Much like the 52 Samsung photos of the S IV, Samsung’s official teaser image leaves us with plenty of questions.

If you adjust the exposure and mess with the contrast a bit, you’ll see that the device has no speaker grill. Some have taken this to mean that Samsung has something crazy up their sleeve with audio playback, but I wouldn’t count on it. The image also shows no camera and no sensors. So unless Samsung got rid of the front-facing camera and ambient light sensor on the S IV, this picture is no exact representation of the Galaxy S IV.

As far as it looking like the leaked images from earlier today, yes, it does. But it also looks like a press render of the Galaxy S III. In fact, it looks more like a Galaxy S III than the images from earlier today. It’s even the same color.

So what does it all mean? From the looks of it, Samsung used an incredibly bland render of either the Galaxy S IV or Galaxy S III, to tease what’s going to be unveiled at their March 14th event in New York City. If it is the Galaxy S IV, the visual differences between the IV and III will be practically nonexistent. Check out the comparison picture below, and let us know what you think.


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