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Facebook enables free voice calls in US via Messenger app

Facebook Messenger

Early this year Facebook started testing free voice calls in Canada via their Messenger app, and now the feature is slowly being rolled out to the US. If you have Facebook Messenger already installed, just open up your contacts list and click info on any person to see if there is an option for “Free call.”

Facebook calling works essentially the same way as any other V0IP service, such as Skype, but Facebook has the huge advantage of being the largest social network and having access to all your contacts.

I tested out the Facebook free calling feature last night and found the voice quality was pretty good. Calls can be made over a WiFi network or a cellular network. Facebook warns users that they still have to pay for data, but we are not sure exactly how much data a call consumes.

Most carriers now provide unlimited minutes, so there might not be an immediate advantage to making a VoIP call when data consumption is often limited. However, there are still a lot of people on older plans that have limited minutes and unlimited data, so Facebook calling could be appealing to them.

The feature is slowly being rolled out to Facebook accounts in the US, so don’t worry if it’s not available yet. If you have a Facebook account and want to test it out, grab Facebook Messenger from the link below.


Source: Facebook Messenger

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