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RoundR is my new Android app obsession


Rando? Rando is so last week (OK, I still use it every day, but you have to admit that sounded good). The new Android app I can’t stop gushing about to everyone and anyone who has an Android phone is RoundR. Because my phone’s display now has rounded corners. And rounded corners are cool. (Just like bow ties. Or fezes. Or Stetsons. Take your pick).

Featured in Taylor’s Fresh Meat 10 new apps roundup, RoundR serves only one purpose: to round the corners of your display. That’s it. I’ve been using it since yesterday, and the novelty has yet to wear off. I absolutely love it. Performance wise, it serves zero purpose. In fact, some even say it degrades performance. (I did not find this to be true). RoundR merely exists to provide you aesthetic pleasure. Simply open the app, choose which corners to round, choose the corner radius, and you’re done.

Just about anyone I’ve shown RoundR to looks at me in a way that makes me think they are assessing my sanity, followed by a comment along the lines of, “Oh yeah, that’s neat.” Perhaps my enthusiasm towards turning my Nexus 4 into a webOS lookalike is a bit over the top, but I really, really like it. RoundR makes every app look fresh; It breathes new life into stale software. The same boring apps I’ve been using for years now have a new visual appeal, something I can normally only experience by taking drastic measures like switching operating systems.

I’ll tell you what. Download RoundR, give it a shot, and if you don’t like it, well, just uninstall it. It’s free, so you have nothing to lose, and in my opinion, a lot to gain.


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