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Eric Schmidt teases Motorola’s upcoming “phenomenal” phones plus other devices


Google’s Eric Schmidt appeared on-stage at today’s Dive Into Mobile conference, and he hinted Motorola’s upcoming wave of devices. When asked about Motorola’s new set of products, Schmidt said, “[They] are phenomenal. Wait and see for this next generation of technology, it’s very impressive.” Specific details about any new products were withheld, but Schmidt hinted at multiple devices by saying we should think of Motorola’s strategy as “phones-plus.”

When I heard this quote on the live stream, I instantly thought about previous rumors we have posted about the Motorola X Phone. We were told that the X Phone brand of devices would largely be marketed as customizable phones that are the able to connect to companion accessories from Google, like Glass and their upcoming smartwatch.

Motorola’s new phones will act as the hub for a series of connected devices, so it makes sense that this strategy could be referred to as “Phones-plus”, or maybe “Phones+” if you are thinking along the lines of Google+.

The Google IO developer conference is just a month away, so hopefully we will see these new products make a public appearance soon.

Source: AllThingsD

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