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Evidence of Google Games service found in My Glass APK


Game developers have to rely on third-party services for everything from matchmaking to leaderboards, since Google does not embrace the Game Center concept. That may be changing very soon, however; a teardown of the My Glass app recently released on Google Play has revealed what could finally be Google’s answer to Game Center: Google Games.

Ron Amadeo of Android Police has downloaded and dissected the My Glass app for Android and may have stumbled on a gold mine of information on an unreleased service. Some quick background information: Google has a suite of services that are necessary to make certain apps work properly with Google integration. Things like Google+ account integration and Google Maps assets are bundled in GMS, or Google Mobile Services (now known as Google Play Services). Normally, developers only include the necessary components from GMS to make their app function properly. Apparently, whoever shipped My Glass included everything GMS had to offer, including some files used to handle game related content.

Taking a look at the files inside the GMS games folder, we can get an idea of what Google plans to do with Google Games. First up is real-time matchmaking. It would seem that Google wants to offer up their servers to developers in order to make real-time matchmaking for games like first person shooters easier than ever. Next up is turn-based matchmaking, which would be used for games like chess or Ruzzle. In-game chat and lobby files also appear in the folder, pointing toward possible voice chat integration and matchmaking lobbies similar to what Xbox and PlayStation offer. And finally, there are files for leaderboards, achievements and invitations. Because who doesn’t want to invite their friends to see just how good they are?

The inclusion of these Google Game components appears to be more of a mistake than anything. As previously mentioned, all GMS components were included in the app, many of which don’t make sense for Google Glass.

Will 2013 finally be the year Google releases their own Game Center competitor? It looks like that may be the case. Google I/O would be the perfect spot to unveil Google Games, since third-party developers will theoretically be able to utilize it in the near future. Not long now until we know if Google Games will make the I/O guest list this year or not.

Source: Android Police

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