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HTC One faces Netherlands import ban due to high-amplitude microphone chip


HTC can’t seem to catch a break. Amsterdam’s district court has granted Nokia’s request for an injunction against the HTC One. The phone is equipped with a high-amplitude microphone chip, developed by ST Microelectronics for Nokia, and according to court documents, Nokia and ST Microelectronics signed a contract that would give Nokia exclusive rights to the new chip for 12 months.

From what we can gather, ST Microelectronics was under the impression that Nokia only had 6 months exclusivity, starting in 2011. Since the Nokia 720 was the first mass-produced device to use the high-amplitude mic chip, the courts have ruled that Nokia still has exclusive rights to use the chip until February 2014.

Since HTC is not at fault in this situation, Amsterdam’s district court will allow HTC to sell its current supply of the HTC One in the Netherlands, but HTC will not be allowed to import any new devices equipped with the ST Microelectronics chip. With an estimated population of 16 million, the Netherlands isn’t one of HTC’s most important markets. However, we suspect HTC is already looking for another high-amplitude microphone chip supplier. The last thing HTC needs is for Nokia to cite this case as precedent in other European countries.

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Source: All About Phone NL

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