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Stealth Black HTC One appears on AT&T and Sprint sites


Despite the name HTC wasn’t trying to stay under the radar of AT&T and Sprint customers with this alternative to the recently launched Glacial Silver One as they had previously stated that it would be available in the coming weeks. You still can’t hit the buy button on either site, however, HTC One fans are used to timelines slipping at this point so it should be of some comfort to see evidence that both carriers are likely ready to flip that switch soon.

AT&T is showing both the 32GB and their exclusive 64GB version of the Stealth Black One on their site with the simple message that “The device you’ve selected is not available in your area.” They are a little less forthcoming about it than Sprint though as you have to track the pages down on your own rather than being able to click through from the HTC One page.

Sprint is limited to the 32GB version, but they are actually showing the black version as an option and are a bit more helpful with their terse message, “Black HTC One Coming Soon.”

So are any of you still holding out for the ninja edition One (seriously HTC I think you missed an opportunity there) or did the anticipation of putting together all those awesome video highlights and Zoes get the better of you?

Via: Sprint

Source: AT&T

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