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Facebook Home is only as good as your friends

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The press photos of Facebook’s freshly announced replacement launcher Facebook Home look impressive. In fact, I wasn’t expecting them to look that good. Cover feed turns your home screen into a canvas, allowing your friends to paint it. Your home screen, and lock screen, is essentially full screen photos your friends have uploaded. In the renders, this means every home screen is a beautiful waterfall. Or a wonderful picture of someone’s family. If I were to use Facebook Home, let’s just say it wouldn’t always be pretty.

I haven’t always been the best at managing my Facebook friends. Old class mates, kitchen coworkers, local artists, friends, family; I have a pretty diverse friend set. And what they often post is diverse as well. Everything from gorgeous photographs of Lake Michigan and my extended family’s beautiful children, to rotten ecards, half naked women, conspiracy theory photos, blurry cell phone pictures and grim reapers smoking bongs.

Unless I’m missing something important here, my home screen, thanks to cover feed, will be a mix of all that. On Facebook, it’s easy to scroll past things I may not like or find stupid, but as my lock screen? If I were to filter down whose photos I want to see being used as my home screen and lock screen backgrounds, I’d only allow four people’s post to go through. I don’t see how I could possibly make that work, and I don’t think I’m alone.

Theoretically, Facebook Home looks fantastic. But it’s only as good as your Facebook friends. Perhaps I haven’t been strict enough with accepting people’s friend requests. Or maybe I should hide more people from my news feed. Then again, I’d miss out on a lot of hilariously idiotic things. I think it’d be best to just skip out on Facebook Home all together. I’m sure there is an audience for it, but I’m not a part of it. Or rather, my friends have made me not. Either way, I’ll keep the, “Like and repost to save this malnourished child” posts away from my home screen.

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