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Copy boosts free storage capacity to 15GB to fight Google’s new shared storage

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There are no shortage of cloud storage companies vying for your attention, but few manage to really stick out. Google made headlines just the other day when it announced that storage for Gmail, Drive and Google+ would be combined, giving Google users 15GB of free online storage space. Copy, a multi-platform storage company backed by Barracuda, has announced that in response they are bumping free accounts up to 15GB of storage as well, with some added benefits Google does not offer.

Previously, Copy cloud storage accounts offered free users 5GB of storage, along with a referral program that trumps anything competitors offer. For anyone that signs up under your Copy referral link, not only you, but whoever signs up using a referral link gets an extra 5GB of storage. With the new higher base level of free storage, new users who sign up under someone else will get 20GB to start.

Other advantages of Copy over competitors like Dropbox include unlimited file size uploads (from wherever you’re uploading from), unlimited free storage earning capabilities, and something called the, “Fair Storage for All” initiative. If you have a paid account, and are sharing a folder between users, the cost to host that folder will be evenly split among the users sharing the folder.

I’ve been using Copy for some time now, and I have to say I love it. On Android, Copy offers an auto-sync function that automatically saves all of your newly taken photographs to a folder in your Copy account. Sync speed was originally as issue with Copy, but that has since improved. If you already have Copy, feel free to drop your referral link below.


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