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Google overhauls Gmail with automated sorting and new Android UI

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Email is a blessing and a curse; it has completely changed the way we communicate, but it can be incredibly overwhelming. Email fatigue is very real, and it can be crippling to productivity. With some people getting tens to hundreds of emails a day, all lumped into one box, it can be hard to stay on top and see through the clutter. Google is looking to remedy this by rolling out a revamped version of Gmail complete with automated sorting, and an updated Android app to match.

With the new Gmail, your primary inbox is probably the last place you’ll be checking for email from now on. Google has employed algorithms to Gmail that will automatically sort all of your email into one of five categories, each with its own special inbox. The categories include primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. The categories can be turned on and off, or you can back out of the new system completely.

The theory behind the new Gmail is that with the way things were, users had lost control on their inbox. Now, you can leisurely browse through the email you want, when you want. If you’re looking for some coupons from someone like Groupon, the promotions tab is where you’ll want to look. If you’re on the hunt for a credit card statement, check updates. The new categories lack deep customization at the moment, but this is just the beginning.

Along with the new Gmail configuration for desktop, Google is rolling out an Android app that takes advantage of the new changes. The new Gmail app for Android features a slick sliding menu panel UI and easy access to all of your categories. The new Gmail for desktop and mobile has already begun rolling out, though it may take a few weeks to reach your devices.

Once you’ve had a chance to play with the new Gmail, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Google

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