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Hangouts Easter eggs: Someone at Google really likes My Little Pony


Looking for your this-day-is-really-dragging-on-and-I-need-something-to-entertain-me-for-five-minutes Friday reading material? Look no further. Word is, Google has programmed a bunch of Easter eggs in their new Hangouts app that feature everything from a, “shy dino,” to “My Little Pony.” I was skeptical, even after seeing posts about the Easter eggs on Google Plus, but as it turns out they’re all real.

Some of the codes are actually useful, like color coding all your different windows (bikeshed). And some are, well, we’ll just go with less than useful (ponies). Try them all out and let us know which ones you like best. I’m a big fan of the Google Now style background you get from the Konami code. If you’ve found any others, be sure to share in the comments. You’ll find all the codes in the image above.

Source: Google Plus

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  1. These are a lot of fun. SO MANY PONIES. Hope Google releases more and makes some of them available on mobile.

  2. Try them out how? Where do I enter/type these codes?

  3. you just type them as if you’re typing a message

    also sadly they don’t work for my nexus 4 :( are they working on any mobile devices or just desktop for now?

  4. Gotta love Google.. Lol.. They know how to have fun.. So Apple.. Why so serious all this time.. Lol

    • ChrisGuest 2 years ago

      Serious? When I said “I hate you” to siri she said “but… but..”

      • NoneyabuissnessGuest 2 years ago

        Siri is an idiot. That’s just plain it. My little brother asked Siri where to dump a dead body. She gave us 6 locations. Who does that?!

  5. I couldn’t neter the KONAMI one. The others are fine.

  6. We like ponies as in hp.

  7. The cheats don’t work for me. If I enter /shydino, then this just appears as a message and no dino shows up. Sad! What’s wrong with my Nexus?

  8. LafenearGuest 2 years ago

    Doesn’t work on my HTC One.

  9. DandyroiGuest 2 years ago

    Really want that konami cheat to work. Just to get it right: Is there a space between B and A and A and Enter?

  10. LilStormGuest 5 months ago

    in hangouts you can also:
    /slap name (slaps with a fish)
    /punch name (punches target person)
    /hug name (hugs target name0
    /kiss name (you get the idea)

    Must be all lower case

  11. paoGuest 3 months ago

    i need to put back the wall paper of the hangouts in white again… so i can be on chat at the office and my boss dont see it can some one help me please /bikeshed i need it in white but dont find it

  12. Sarah LampGuest 3 months ago

    so none of the /hug, /slap or /punch work for me on the chrome extension or mobile :( help??