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BBC Watchdog to investigate Samsung Galaxy S 4 internal storage claims


If you’ve been keeping up with your tech news lately, you may have seen a few dozen stories about how little storage is actually available on the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The entry level 16GB unlocked European model in reality only gives consumers 9.5GB of usable storage, but that number drops to around 8.5GB for those who purchase a carrier branded device here in the US.

The discrepancy between the amount of advertised storage actual storage has caught the attention of BBC Watchdog, a consumer rights show in the UK. During next week’s episode, they will be looking into Samsung’s “extra-large memory” claims and hopefully show consumers exactly how much storage they will get when they purchase the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

It’s quite easy to pick on Samsung due to its recent successes, but the advertised internal storage issue does affect quite a few other phones. The 32GB HTC One has 26.1 GB of usable space and most of Sony’s high-end Xperia devices have 6-7GB of storage which is not accessible to users. Even Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro leaves consumers with a mere 23GB of usable storage.

BBC Watchdog may not be the first to report on the topic, but they do reach a much wider audience who could definitely benefit from a little more about the Galaxy S 4 before they go out and buy it next week.

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