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Google to take on Pandora, Spotify with Google Play Music All Access

play music all access

Watch out Pandroa, Spotify, Rdio and all you other music streaming services out there; Google is coming for you. Just announced at Google I/O, Google is officially entering into the music streaming arena with Google Play Music All Access.

Built-in with Google’s existing music locker and store, Google Play Music, All Access is a subscription based streaming service with access to millions of songs on the web, and your Android device. At $9.99 a month, a price comparable to rival services, users can enjoy a mix of songs they’ve already purchased, with anything else available from Google’s extensive music library.

Highlights of All Access include radio stations, enhanced music discovery, Google powered music search and a listen now feature that takes you directly to music you want to listen to, with minimal effort.

All Access is in the process of rolling out now (be sure to check for an update on Google Play), with a free 30 day trial for users to give the service a shot. If you sign up for the trail before June 30, your monthly subscription fee will be $7.99. Does Google Play Music All Access interest you, or does another service already have your loyalty? Let us know in the comments.



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