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Google’s unified messaging service launching as “Hangouts” on Android, web and iOS

hangouts10 Image via: The Verge

Google’s various messaging services have long been painfully confusing. Syncing between devices, photo sharing and video conferencing have been a headache for years now, but that’s all about to change with Google “Hangouts.”

Hangouts is the messaging service that everyone’s been waiting for. Hangouts takes the best of all of Google’s messaging apps, and combines them into one service, available on multiple platforms. Hangouts features photo sharing, free multiple-contact video chatting, message archiving and cross-device syncing. Emphasis has been placed on how Hangouts will focus on conversations, instead of contacts, making your messages the star of the show.

Hangouts will be available for Android, iOS and the web today. Be on the lookout for a full rundown on how the app functions and feels once we get our hands on a copy later today.


Via: The Verge

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