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Internal turmoil spells bad news for a struggling HTC


Insider reports and public displays of displeasure from recently departed employees are pointing towards a growing rumor that HTC is coming apart at the seams. According to The Verge, all is not well at HTC. Peppered between supply issues, underwhelming sales of the One. a disastrous launch of the First and stiff competition from Samsung, employees are flocking en masse to greener pastures; or so they would have you believe.

Recent departures from the Taiwanese manufacturer include HTC’s Chief Product Officer, Kouji Kodera, vice president of global communications, Jason Gordon, global retail marketing manager, Rebecca Rowland, director of digital marketing, John Starkweathe, and product strategy manager, Eric Lin.

A source speaking with The Verge has said that, “Anyone who’s heard of them in Seattle doesn’t want to go work for them right now. They’re like T-Mobile two years ago. … They’re in utter freefall.” After leaving HTC, Eric Lin echoed words from The Verge’s source, taking to Twitter to say, “To all my friends still at HTC- just quit. Leave now. It’s tough to do, but you’ll be so much happier, I swear.”

With HTC’s future on the line with the One, this couldn’t come at a worse time. By all accounts, the HTC One is an absolutely great device. It certainly trumps the Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of sheer build quality, but Samsung’s momentum seems to be unstoppable right now. Anyone with an appreciation for competition and options in Android today is undoubtedly rooting for HTC to pull through this — regardless of whether or not you buy their products.

Source: The Verge

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