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Rumor: Google set to unveil Google Edition Galaxy S4 at I/O


According to Russell Holly of, Google is gearing up to make a huge announcement tomorrow at I/O, completely out of left field. While we won’t see a new Nexus phone unveiled just hours from now, Holly is citing sources already at the developer conference that say we will see a “Google Edition” of the Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android.

Hardware wise, the Galaxy S4 is an absolute beast of a phone. A high-end processor, 5-inch full HD display, and fantastic camera are just a few of the hardware elements that make the S4 one of the best Android powered smartphones money can buy. Unfortunately, Samsung’s custom version of Android isn’t for everyone. The Google Edition of the Galaxy S4 would remedy that, not only giving consumers a chance to buy a non-Nexus stock Android device, but one with a removable battery and expandable storage as well.

How the Google Edition of the S4 would be sold, whether through Google Play or Samsung directly, is still a mystery. But supposedly it will work on T-Mobile.

As far as rumors go, this one is pretty out there. It’s strange that we haven’t heard anything about the Google Edition Galaxy S4 before now, some 12 hours until it’s supposed to be unveiled, but Holly and have been on-point with Google related rumors in the past. There may be good reason to get excited for this one. Not long now until we know for sure.


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