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Turn your Android smartphone into a laptop with Casetop


Livi Design believes their new Casetop project is “one of the most important technological devices since the iPhone.” We wouldn’t go that far, but their gadget that turns almost any smartphone into a laptop is still a pretty cool idea. We have seen this concept before with Motorola’s Lapdock (which didn’t sell very well), but it’s still nice to see someone pushing this type of device foward.

The Casetop is compatible with any smartphone that has a video out option and bluetooth. They use standardized ports such as HDMI, MHL and MicroUSB for displaying video and Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse connectivity. The current prototype features a 10-inch 720p display, but Livi Design hopes to upgrade that to a 1080p display by launch and possibly add a touch screen if they hit their stretch funding goal.

If you are interested in funding the Casetop then you can head over to Kickstarter and make your pledge. For $250 you can enjoy the full Casetop experience, but let’s not forget to point out you can pick up a Chromebook for as low as $199.

Check out the video below for a preview of the Casetop and visit the source links for the full details.

Via: Kickstarter

Source: Casetop

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