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Bluestacks GamePop Mini: subsidized little brother of original GamePop


The Android console market has exploded after the Kickstarter success of the OUYA. Many companies jumped on the bandwagon, making affordable Android consoles that will play our favorite games. Some have tried to create a better game environment to foster a more home console-like game selection, while others were content in throwing in the Play Store and letting people play their favorite mobile games.

Bluestacks previously announced the Android 4.2 powered GamePop console, a $129 device with a subscription service for its selection of games. This time, they have announced the GamePop Mini. It’s a weaker version of the GamePop, but it will be free with a 12 month contract. This means that you pay nothing up front, but have to pay the $6.99 a month for the service for 12 months before owning the hardware. (That’s a total of $83.88).

However, fear not. You can cancel this contract at any time. You’ll have to give back the console (in working order) and pay a $25 restocking fee. If 12 months have passed, you pay no fee and get to keep the small console.

Bluestacks has a large set of developers lined up to provide games for your subscription, like HalfBrick, Glue and IntelliJoy. And with Looking Glass technology, iOS developers can easily get their games running on the GamePop. If development is easy enough, they could get a good lineup of games going.

However, the GamePop is just another OUYA. It’s an Android console powered by weak mobile hardware, offering mobile games on your large TV. Will it work out for them? We don’t know, and we know a lot of people are against this concept. So tell us, what do you think of having another Android console on the market?

Source: Android Police

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