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Nexus Q dead, Google Play Movies found at the scene


The Nexus Q was a wonderful concept: a high end device that would stream content to your TV and media center using your Android device. It would be great for parties, allowing all of your Android wielding friends to add their own music to the playlist. And it would give you easy access to all of Google Play’s content. If this thing was actually released for a good price, it would be a wonderful product and a perfect gateway to Google’s media content. Unfortunately, things simply didn’t work out.

The device came with a massive pre-order price tag and limited functionality. Google decided to delay it and give out the pre-orders for free. This left the Nexus Q with an unsure future. We didn’t hear of it for a long time, and eventually, it seemed like it was dead.

Fast forward to a recent Play Music app update, which removed support for the Nexus Q. Suddenly, the device was a lot less useful than it already was. And now, the most recent update to Play Movies did the same, basically putting the final nail in the coffin and sealing the Nexus Q’s fate for all but the most dedicated of hackers.

So what’s next for Google’s Nexus Q? Nothing, it seems. The device is dead, and we can’t do anything about it. But will Google have another attempt at a media device like it? A Google TV box in this design would be awesome, if Google TV actually got some attention from Google. It seems that Google doesn’t care about GTV whatsoever, but keeps it alive for whatever reason. Giving it a good scrubbing and some new features, plus some good advertising, would do it wonders. Google TV is a great concept, but someone needs to make a great implementation.

Would you be interested in a true Google-designed TV box?

Source: Droid-Life

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