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Sony teases new smart watch in tweet

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Sony has already made two attempts at a smart watch, and we can’t say that the last one was bad at all. Unfortunately for Sony, back then, smart watches were a little ahead of their time. They have now grown in popularity significantly, and people are starting to take notice.

Do people really want smart watches? According to recent tweet from the Sony Twitter account, yes. Sourcing Bi Intelligence, Sony makes the claim that one third of smartphone users want smart wrist wear. The tweet is also labeled with two hashtags, #itstime and #MAE13. The latter is easy to explain, as they are hosting the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai next week. But what about #itstime?

There’s good reason to believe Sony will be unveiling a new smart watch at MAE13. Their other attempts weren’t failures, and the technology has improved and become more mainstream, so why not give it another shot? This teaser has got us all excited, so stay tuned for more info during the Mobile Asia Expo. We’ll bring you any news of a new Sony smart watch, and if you’re good, a review.


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